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38T 3rd gear cog for Cyclone 5 Speed gearbox
Manufacturer: cyclone_5_speed
Origin: Italy

38T 3rd gear cog for Cyclone 5 Speed gearbox

Product code: X160M

Models: Lambretta GP, Lambretta S1, Lambretta S2, Lambretta S3, Lambretta Serveta, Lambretta Special, Lambretta SX, Lambretta TV2, Lambretta TV3

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This is the latest (Batch 6) version 3rd gear cog for the Cyclone 5 Speed gearboxes. We have changed manufacturer and all Cyclone products, including complete gearboxes and spare parts, are made from the latest specification materials and vastly improved manufacturing methods giving greater strength and quieter running. This third gear cog can be used with all Batch 1 - Batch 4 versions marked 'DRT' and all subsequent RLC produced Batch 5 - Batch 6 versions, marked 'PZ'.