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A challenge.

Thus was born the Rimini Lambretta Centre, in 1994 in a small garage in Igea Marina, as opposed to the Lambretta movement of the time, which did not foresee a future for all the models produced in the Lambrate plants from 1958 onwards. Since then a lot of mixture has passed in the tanks, pass us the term. A slow but inexorable growth, starting from that garage in Igea Marina, passing through the workshop in Borghi, up to the current and modern headquarters in Poggio Berni, equipped with all the equipment for the care of our customers' Lambrettas.

Over 25 years old

Over 25 years have passed and the Rimini Lambretta Centre has become, year after year, an authentic institution in Italy and abroad, assisting and satisfying Lambretta players from all over the world.

A specialized staff.

The Rimini Lambretta Centre staff specializes in custom-made, standard, conservative or totally custom restorations, concerning Lambretta engines and / or bodywork, able to satisfy the dreams of every scooter rider. If you love chrome, mirrors and 60's details or if you are crazy about extreme performance, this is the place for you!

The workshop.

Our workshop is equipped to carry out most of the necessary mechanical processes, able to make your scooter safe and easy to use every day. A special template allows you to correctly check and align your frames and / or forks. A 3D printer allows you to quickly create samples or customized parts to make your Lambrettas truly unique.

Acid dipping treatment & Dyno test.

Our acid treatment makes your engines shiny and clean in depth, totally eliminating dirt and impurities. A modern test bench allows for flawless tuning of your engines and is essential for the development of Casa Performance products.

What is Casa Performance?

It is our performance department. It offers a large catalog of innovative special parts, often born and tested on racing circuits. Thanks to the victories obtained in the 2015 European ESC Championship and in the 2016 BSSO (first foreigner team in BSSO history), we were able to develop the Lambretta SST265 & SSR265 Scuderia engine range and the CasaDisc front disc brake. Without forgetting the new CP One35 kit and all the other components to get the most from the Lui & J Lambretta, simply unthinkable until a few years ago! The offer is vast and complete with many other products, 100% made in Italy and manufactured using the best materials and machinery available. Like the complete CasaCase crankcases, the crankshafts, the new range of PowerMaster & Lunamaster clutches, the OTT X44 chain tensioner, the pins and flanges for your CNC-made engines and many other components to increase performance, reliability and safety of your scooters!

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Spare Parts and more.

At Rimini Lambretta Centre, we also have a large and well-stocked spare parts warehouse, with competent and dedicated staff, with all the best brands in the sector such as CasaLambretta, Scootopia, BGM, SIP, Dell’Orto and many others. Without forgetting our selection, always new, of original vintage spare parts and accessories; used or new stock funds (NOS). We are able to ship daily all over the world.