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Product Maintenance.

Rimini Lambretta Center and Casa Performance always guarantee the perfect functioning of their products, as long as you always carry out correct assembly and optimal running-in.

Manutenzione Prodotti

Product Maintenance

Rimini Lambretta Center and Casa Performance always

the perfect functioning of their products, as long as you always carry out correct assembly and optimal running-in.
For these reasons, we invite you to contact a specialized workshop if you have any doubts or difficulties regarding assembly and / or setup. We also remind you that any ascertained damage due to inexperience will make the product warranty expire. We always recommend using only the highest quality lubricants. Engine break-in: RLC & Casa Performance recommend a 1000km break-in on newly rebuilt, original or tuned engines. During this period, warm up the vehicle very well before use, avoid pulling the gears, use the gearbox a lot, preferring a fluid and gentle driving style in order to allow the elements of the gearbox and transmission group to settle.

Try to avoid long stretches with the throttle fully open. At the end of the running-in, it will be good practice to check the correct tightening of the gearbox flange nuts, the chain tension and change the transmission oil, to eliminate any slag and iron filings produced by the gearbox assembly. Use only Bardahl Classic SAE 80-90W Oil, as recommended by the manufacturer. RLC & Casa Performance suggest using a 3% blend with Bardahl KTS Competition Oil during the entire duration of the break-in. At the end of the running-in (1000km), it may be necessary to revise the carburetion, which in some cases is left "richer" to help lubricate components such as the thermal group, the crankshaft and the bearings.

The percentage of oil in the mixture can drop to 2%, always continuing to use 100% Synthetic 2-stroke oil in tuned and original engines. In the original engines it is recommended to use a minimum of High Quality Semi-Synthetic Oil (Bardahl, Motul or similar) to significantly extend the life of the thermal unit, piston, head and crankshaft. Whatever the configuration of your engine, using high quality lubricants significantly reduces the risk of seizures, the accumulation of deposits on the head and piston and extends the life of the crankshaft and bearings. Ordinary Maintenance: in original engines, check the oil level every 500 / 750km (abnormal consumption can be a symptom of more serious failures ...), replace the engine oil every 5000km; in tuned engines it may be necessary even every 3000km in case of very frequent use. Clean the original filter cartridge every 5000km. In the case of a sponge filter with oversized carburetors, wash the filtering element with clean petrol every 2500km, lubricating the sponge with 2T oil or special products. Given the low cost, replace the spark plug every 5000km, always choosing a gradation suited to your type of engine and ignition.

Check the state of wear and the opening of the points on the stator every 5000km, taking care to lubricate the felt pad on the point itself. With the current quality of components and lubricants, it may be necessary to replace the piston rings every 25/30 thousand km, if you use the original closed filter. In the case of engines with open filters, the mileage may be reduced. Check the chain tension at least every 20 thousand km, on original engines. On tuned vehicles it is good practice to intervene every 12 thousand km. Clutch: it is good practice to soak NEW clutch cork discs in gear oil 24 hours before assembly. If not possible, sprinkle each cork disc with oil just before assembly.

Take care to settle cork discs and metal flip flops for at least 100km, avoiding large slopes. These tips apply to stock clutches as well as the Casa Performance Powermaster range of clutches. Controls: RLC & Casa Performance recommend checking the tension of the gearbox, clutch and brake cables every 5000km, by acting on the relative registers or by pulling the cables again, loosening the appropriate clamps. It is good practice to also check the brake shoes, greasing the relative pins with copper paste. Chassis: in case of frequent use, especially on tuned engines, check the tightening of the nuts on the rims and on the wheel axle, of the nut and of the rear hub / drum safety washer every 500 / 1000km to avoid unpleasant and dangerous consequences. Occasionally grease the springs inside the fork and check the wear of the limit switch pads on the connecting rods. Even tire wear should not be underestimated, especially on the rear tire, which is more subject to traction if you travel with a lot of luggage or with a passenger. For many other information and video tutorials, regarding any other Lambretta component, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated Tech Spec page.