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Returns and Refunds.

The return request for defective goods is only reviewed if sent within 30 days from the date of shipment.
It is NOT possible to return used products with the wording NOS (new old stock) or sold with the seen and liked formula.
The return request must be sent via email, possibly with attached photos illustrating the problem, to:
Once the return request has been approved, the customer must send us the products in the original packaging / packaging, via a courier or postal service with a traceable shipping service.

To proceed with the return

We ask our kind customers to inform us, before shipping, the estimate of the shipping cost and to wait for our approval before proceeding with the return. If you have any problems finding a courier, please do not hesitate to contact us. Rimini Lambretta Center assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by the courier.

The return

The returned goods will be checked and if the defect is confirmed by us, we will proceed with the replacement of the item, at no additional cost to the customer, or the FULL refund of the entire amount paid for the goods (including the shipping costs for the return ).

Circumstances in which customers do not have the legal right to a refund, repair or replacement

it will not be possible to proceed with the return / refund / replacement of any item in the event that the customer has accidentally damaged the product due to negligence or incorrect assembly procedure. It will also not be possible to proceed with the return / refund or replacement of products sold with the formula seen and liked and / or used.

Unavailability of the product

If the goods are not available at the time the order is placed, the customer will be contacted and, in the event that he believes that the waiting time is excessive and in case of lack of interest in an alternative product, we will refund him.

Right of withdrawal

The customer has 7 days from receipt of the goods to cancel the order without reason, provided the product is intact and still inside its original intact packaging. If the customer wishes to exercise the 'right of withdrawal', he must inform us by sending an e-mail to:, indicating in the subject line: 'right of withdrawal' and wait for our instructions on the procedure to follow to return the goods.