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5 Speed gear cluster for 'Cyclone 5 Pro' gearboxes
5 Speed gear cluster for 'Cyclone 5 Pro' gearboxes 5 Speed gear cluster for 'Cyclone 5 Pro' gearboxes 5 Speed gear cluster for 'Cyclone 5 Pro' gearboxes
Manufacturer: cyclone_5_speed
Origin: Italy

5 Speed gear cluster for 'Cyclone 5 Pro' gearboxes

Product code: X160W

Models: Lambretta S1, Lambretta S2, Lambretta TV2, Lambretta S3, Lambretta TV3, Lambretta Special, Lambretta SX, Lambretta GP, Lambretta Serveta

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The revolutionary new 'Cyclone 5 Speed' complete 5 speed gearbox kits for Lambretta S1 + S2 + S3 + GP DL and Serveta models need little introduction. Up to January 2018 there were 9 Batches produced and over 1600 gearboxes sold worldwide. With the advent of the new very high power SSR engines from Casa Performance, we decided to review the Cyclones and have come out with a definative, top-end verison that will replace everything produced to date. This is the Cyclone 5 Pro.

So what's different?  We made some modifications to the design and this has greatly improved the gearboxes making them stronger, much quieter in use and they have better lubrication both between the actual gears and for the cluster needle bearing. This is the gear cluster for these new Cyclones and unlike all its predecessors, the actual gears are now all full-width (i.e. with no spaces between each other) with these same cogs are interlocking between each another. Every single tooth is also individually surface-machined .The appearance of the Cyclone 5 Pro components is also much brighter as everything is subjected to a special surface treatment leaving it all gleaming. The end result is that the Cyclone 5  Pro parts are now much stronger, much quieter in operation and super-smooth in operation compared to anything produced to date. 

Please note that this cluster is NOT suitable for all previous 'Standard', 'Supreme', 'S4' version Cyclones and is unique to the Cyclone 5 Pro gearboxes.

Want to see what these can handle? Check out this SLUK video, where we are using them in the new 'Casa Performance' engine casings.