TV 200 My Minds Eye
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Model: Lambretta TV 200 'My Mind's Eye'
Owner: Nick "Tolley" Tollazzi, Sunny Cardiff, Wales


Standard Innocenti top end with Borgo piston, 12 volt 180W Ducati points electrical system, 20mm Dell'Orto carb, SX200 gearing (to help it pull the weight on the front), engine casings acid dipped and polished, stainless fasteners all round, 50mm reverse cone Clover ended Ken Kobbing exhaust. 


New White 8059 with Fiat Metallic Black & Metallic Batik Orange flashes.


This is the second TV200 we've done for Mr. Tolley and as ever, his attention to detail ensured it took a marathon effort to get it to the standard you see before you. The scooter has a whole load of one-off parts made by our in house engineer, Fabrizio. These included stainless brackets for the 'Poli' horns sat under the legshields, getting all the accessories adjusted so Mr. T was happy, the 50mm K.K. box, brackets for the racks, and so on. Whilst the base resto' itself was fairly straight forwards, all the accessories were a right headache. Things like having the legshields fitted internally with flushed bolts for the original legshield toolbox, ensuring EVERY screw, bolt, washer had no protruding threads once done up and then mirror polishing every single one, sorting out the seat, cutting & adjusting the front crashbars to make sure that they sat perfectly flush with the legshields at all their mounting points. etc. etc. The accessories are what makes the bike and Nick knew what he wanted. Between him and the shop we located all the right parts. Anybody who thinks it's the easy option "simply bolting accessories" to a scooter really is talking shite. EVERY single accessory can be a major 'mare and getting the layout right can take forever. No point slinging it all on and hoping it'll look good because you'll end up in tears. Nick's front rack took the best part of three days work to layout, then strip, polish up, re-mount, wire up and connect. As Mr. T. himself says, "you can't buy style - either you've got it or you haven't."

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