Lambretta GP200 - John Medina (Jersey)
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Model: Lambretta GP200
Owner: John Medina


Today for our 'Under the Spanners' section, we show to our customers the John Medina's Ochre Lambretta GP200. We plan to make a complete standard restoration to presereve the originality of this stunning scooter. The shiny touch will be proviede by the choice of polished stainless nuts and bolts! Where needed, we manage to use original NOS parts to keep the hi-standards of the GP200. The final result will be a Lambretta with a quality higher then other scooters builded at Innocenti factory 50 years ago! Pure RLC style baby! This page will be updated very soon! 

Update 24 Sept 2019 - Some minor works on this Lambretta GP200, included some welding to the stand crossmember, before it going to the sandblaster! Stay tuned!

Update 30 Sept 2019 - New frame struts welded before sandblasting! 

Update 28 Nov 2019 - Frame just comes back from sandblaster... We find some metal patches and the frame has some pitted areas need some extra RLC works!!

Update 02 Dec 2019 - Dry building is started. Once Marco is happy with the final result, after some bodywork alignments and weldings, the scooter can reach the sprayer for a quality job.


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