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NEW! 'Twin Cylinder Line' slimline legshield toolbox for Lambretta GP / DL

Product Code: X109b
Supplier: Casa Performance / Europlast
Suitable for: Lambretta GP DL
EUR € 185,00
GBP £163.20

NEW! This toolbox is a superb copy of that designed and fitted to the Innocenti produced Twin Cylinder Prototype as restored by us here at RLC and part of Vittorio Tessera's Lambretta Museum in Milan. 

The toolbox is amazing in that when viewed side-on, it's completely invisible and is VERY sleek in appearance. The lower mounting bolts fit the bottom horncasting retaining bolts. At the top, you will need to drill a small 5mm hole for the single, top mounting bolt. This will be totally invisible though once the toolbox has been mounted. The toolbox is made of fibreglass, comes complete with a black outer rubber beading and lock (+ 2 keys). 

It fits any Lambretta GP or DL model.

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