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Casa Performance 'Octopus' 8 stud reinforced rear hub (+ fasteners) for standard type layshaft

Product Code: X73
Supplier: Casa Performance
Suitable for: Lambretta S1 - S2 - S3 - GP DL - Serveta
EUR € 115,00
GBP £101.60

This is the amazing 'Octopus' 8 - stud rear hub for all standard type layshafts from Casa Performance!  

The hub is supplied complete with all 8 studs, special nuts and lock washers. This is a breakthough in Lambretta technology. This hub does away with the dire rear hub cone set-up as the hub has multi-splines. This alone is fantastic BUT there's more! The Octopus rear hub has EIGHT studs, instead of the standard Lambretta 4 - stud arrangement so you now have DOUBLE the number of nuts fastening the wheel to the hub. The casting for these hubs has been made utilising an original FP Innocenti mold and the Casa Performance team worked for 12 months on getting these hubs right! The thickness of the aluminium casting around the steel centre-boss of the hub has also been increased. 

This hub is designed to fit ANY Lambretta S1 + S2 + S3 + GP DL + Serveta or CasaCase that has a standard type layshaft.

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