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Marchald black 9.5cm high performance air filter for carbs with an EXTERNAL mouth of 46 - 62mm

Product Code: X417
Supplier: Casa Performance
Suitable for: Per carburatori con misura ESTERNO da 46 - 62mm
EUR € 24,90
GBP £22.00

Very high race-quality Marchald black power-foam high flow performance air filter for carbs with an EXTERNAL mouth size of 46 - 62mm. These are perfect for carbs such as Dell'Orto VHSB + PHSB 30mm fino a 39mm etc. as used by Casa Performance for SS200, SS225 and SSR250 kits (see example pic). Comes complete with a multitude of adaptor bushes to enable you to get reduce or increase the size of the opening to that required. 

This filter WILL fit under the scooters sidepanel on a Series 1 or 2, but NOT on a Series 3 where you will be required to cut a hole.

The carb shown is NOT included in the purchase price and is for demonstaration purposes only. 

  • Colour = Black

  • Depth = 9.5cm

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