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Dell'Orto VHSH 30mm carburettor ready-jetted for Casa Performance SS kits (+ similar)

Product Code: X17
Supplier: Casa Performance / Dell'Orto
Suitable for: Casa Performance SS200 - SS225 (+ similar tuning kits)
EUR € 277,30
GBP £245.00

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EUR € 277.30

Carburatore Dell'Orto VHSH 30mm. This is ready-jetted for use with the Casa Lambretta SS200 + SS225 kits (you choose!). It will also be adapt for similar kits on the market.

You can buy cheaper carbs elsewhere but REMEMBER : we have spent countless hours and hours and hours getting the jetting right to make it easy for YOU! Cheap carbs mean that they are normally 'sold as bought' so you'll end up buying extra slides, a selection of atomisers, jets, needles and who knows what else.... And all this costs you time, money and becomes a right royal headache. Some retailers even sell 4 stroke carbs adapted for 2 stroke use which is a real cheapskate way of selling carbs. 

We work closely with Dell'Orto and they supply OUR carbs to OUR requirements. THis RLC supplied carb is the solution to all these woes. You buy. You fit. You enjoy. End of...... It's a no brainer. 

Please note that with all 'ready-jetted' carbs, there CAN be differences in final settings based on weather, altitude and atmospheric conditions of the customers location so it is understandable that some fine tuning will be required. This is supplied with the jetting we have found to be most common for use with the kits with a Protti exhaust, Casatronic igntion set at 25 degrees (retarding to 17), no airfilter and a hole in the scooters sidepanel.

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