22/05/2018  Come montare il kit pompa benzina X18e
20/05/2018  Sono arrivarti i pistoni per i motori e kit SSR250 e SSR265 Scuderia!
At last our consignment of pistons for SSR250's, Scuderia SSR265’s and SST265’s has arrived from Meteor! These are custom made to our design. They will allow our workshop Team to go into overdrive to get through the backlog of orders we have for Casa Performance engines and kits and also complete the testing for the Touring SST265 set-ups. With the Euro Lambretta rally in Spain and the '3 Seas Tour' in Albania both looming up on us, it's happy days indeed.
30/03/2018  Articolo SLUK

Check out this exclusive feature article published by ScooterLab UK (SLUK) :


Please bear with us at the moment as Northern Italy is experiencing  some Ice-Age type weather conditions over the last few days (with more to come) and our courier services we use to send out parts have all been severally afflicted by this. With temperatures reaching -12°c in our area, 50cm of snow and icy rain to finish it all off nicely, delivery times may be elongated slightly. Thanks for the understanding!

25/01/2018  RLC @ Scooterist Meltdown Kalkar Germany 2018

The lads in the RLC workshops are busy preparing two scooters that will be ridden from Italy to the forthcoming ‘Scooterist Meltdown’ event to be held on the German- Dutch border in ‘sunny’ Kalkar. Mickyboy will be riding an original condition Lambretta GP125 fitted with a full-on SSR265 Scuderia motor. The other scooter will be ridden by Dean and is a Serveta Lynx 200 fitted with a prototype ‘Touring’ SST265 motor complete with a prototype ‘box’ type  exhaust, as can be seen in one of the pics. It’ll be interesting to see how the scooters perform comparatively speaking with regards to speed, cruising speed and fuel consumption, especially in extremely adverse weather conditions  seeing as they will have to cross the Italian Alps along the way. 

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