07/09/2018  Prova stradlae per la SST265 e Casa 135!
This coming Sunday - or Monday - two of the RLC crew (along with Roberto Barone on his smallframe Vespa) will be riding back over to the UK once again. Why? No particular reason other than proper product testing. We have a few products to test including the finalised version of the box-type exhaust for the ‘Touring’ version of the SSR265 motors, i.e. the SST265. This is fitted to the shops silver Serveta and young Luke Salvin will be riding that. Dean gets the smallframe choice and will be riding a Lui (Vega) 75, fitted with a prototype ‘Casa 135’ kit. These are plug ‘n’ play kits designed to fit any 50, 75, 10 or 125cc smallframe Lambretta J range or Lui, Vega and Cometa. A rusty Italian market Lui 75 is being (re)built up as you read this, and hopefully will be done in time for the set-off. The frame was changed at the last minute for one that is already registered as a 150cc, so we can legally use the scooter on everything from country tracks, A and B roads, through to motorways. The chosen route will take us across Italy, over the Alps near Mont Blanc, up through France where we’ll get a ferry across from Le Havre to Portsmouth. Then it’s over to Weston, followed by a motorway blast over to Southend. The return route will be via Belgium, Germany, Lichtenstein, Austria and finally back down through Italy which should give the scooters a test-run of about 4000km’s in total. We'll also be meeting up with Andy @ ScooterNova Magazine at some point, so he can road test both machines. Once we’re back, we’re check the parts, make any necessary changes and then they go into production. Product testing at its finest?
29/08/2018  NOVITA'! Copertina sella Silme per Lambretta GP / DL
NEW SILME SEAT COVERS FOR LAMBRETTA GP/ DL MODELS! Casa Lambretta have remade the seat covers for Silme seats, as factory-fitted to some Lambretta GP /DL models. Silme seats have an unusual seat frame and the covers for Giuliari type GP seats don’t fit, as the fold-over securing tags are in the wrong places. Silme seats and covers are unique in that they only have 4 of these tags per side, as opposed to the 6 found on Giuliari seats. These new seat covers are Italian made and fit perfectly. The code is C315s and the cost is Euro 100.00 / GBP £ 90.40 each. Available now from Rimini Lambretta Centre
04/08/2018  IN ARRIVO! Accensioni ORIGINALI Casatronic Ducati per Lambretta
THE ONLY GENUINE DUCATI I GNITION FOR LAMBRETTA SCOOTERS! Casa Performance have been working flat out with the Ducati technicians to finalise the forthcoming ‘Casatronic Ducati’ ignitions. The collaboration between Vittorio Tessera of Casa Lambretta and Ducati sees a welcome return of the ‘Ducati’ name being associated with Lambretta scooters. The 12V-120W, 12 pole digital pre-production prototypes in the picture are being tested now at the Casa Performance workshops in Rimini and as soon as the summer shut-down is over, they will go into full production. And remember, the ‘Casatronic Ducati’ ignitions are the ONLY GENUINE ignitions for Lambretta scooters that Ducati produce and have that name. Watch this space.
03/07/2018  Aggiornamento kit Casa 135 per Lambreta J, Lui, Vega Cometa + J!
Today we have a lot going on in the RLC workshops and one job is to get the prototype ‘Casa 135’ kits up and running. One is being fitted to Tony Tessier’s Vega racer and the other into Mickyboy’s orange Lui, as can be seen here. We’re looking to fire this one up with a Dell’Orto 25mm carb and a Chiselspeed exhaust that Martin Cook has sent us down to test. More news to follow.
22/06/2018  NUOVO KIT CASA 135cc PER J + LUI, VEGA E COMETA!
PROTOTYPE 'CASA 135' KITS! As most of you already know, we have been busy designing an all-new kit for J Range, Lui, Vega and Cometa Lambretta smallframe models. The idea behind the project is a plug n’ play aluminium 135cc kit that is nicasil lined, has a reed-valve kit and is designed to be used with a small 25mm carb and either the std. exhaust, or a choice of two dedicated items (an expansion and a Large-Bore ‘box’ type). The pic shows two prototype cylinders that are about to go off to be plated and then it’s on with the extreme road-testing. Please don’t ask “how much” or “when they’ll be ready?” as we’ll only know that once we’ve finished testing.

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