It's (almost) common knowledge around the World that the whole of Italy closes down during August. Truth be told, this mass holiday primarily covers 5th August until 22nd August but...... there are some companies that close down for the whole month - from start to finish. Amongst these companies there are also one or two of our suppliers and therefore please bear in mind that there can be some delays in us supplying parts during the month of August, for this reason. 


Whilst RLC does hold massive stocks of parts (and we actually take on mental levels of parts just before the summer shut-down) it goes without saying that some things can run out and we cannot re-stock until September. Please be patient and we will endevour to inform clients of possible non-availability of certain parts as soon as possible after an order arrives. 



The RLC Team.

10/08/2016  Intervista con Vittorio Tessera!
02/08/2016  NOVITA'! Sella Pegasus 'flatbase' blu scuro per Lambretta S3 (versione 'BASSA' davanti) + S1 & S2

Our RLC Pegasus seats continue to be a best-seller even after all these years and if you speak to anyone who has bought, fitted or used one, they’ll tell you why. Made with a ONE PIECE metal frame base (all other Pegasus seats on the market have welded on sides) and covered by Trezzi Dante, the quality is faultless. We have two versions of these seats. The first has a LOW front section (with a ‘T’ bar rear closure catch) as fitted to Series 1, 2 and early Series 3 models as standard. The second version has a HIGH front section (and a side-swipe rear closure catch) as fitted to later Series 3 models as standard. However, ALL RLC Pegasus seats will fit any Series 1, 2 or 3 without any modification needed whatsoever. We have just added a LOW fronted version of our Blue Pegasus to the range, as fitted to TV175 Series 2 models as standard in the UK. Enjoy!


Hi everyone, here are some News updates regarding the event :


SCOOTER TRANSPORT : we are finalising various details but as stated in a BSSO FB post, we need some idea of the numbers of scooters coming over or we simply will not have time to organise their transport. We have various options but all require us to organise the collection around three pick-up / drop-off points in the UK. The proposed points are : Swindon – Nottingham – Southend. The best way to decide would be to have a list of Postcodes. If people list their postcodes in this FB post with the number of scooters they wish to have collected, then we’ll decide the best places. The later you leave this, the less likely it is we can organise it all.

FLORENZ HOLIDAY VILLAGE : This is THE place for the event. All evening do’s and the gala dinner & concert will be staged here. The person to contact is : We are aware that they have been bloody slow to respond to some email requests and this is being sorted literally as you’re reading this. If you are still waiting on a reply, please send a copy of your email (and the date it was sent) directly to me : and I’ll see to it. The same applies if the prices they’ve replied with are NOT those advertised. I have been told that they now take payments via Paypal as well. Please do NOT book elsewhere : if there is a problem, we’ll sort it.


DEALERS : Want to come along and sell your parts or showcase your wares? Contact me :


FULL EVENT DETAILS : ALL the event details (including a full FAQ section) is on line here :…/…


Let’s make this event work peeps : here you have a unique event in Italy, by the Adriatic coast and you’ll have a top drawer jolly up as well. Sun, beer, sea, sand, beer, scooters, wine, evening do’s and parties, The Beat are playing, a National Italian scooter rally, Imola parts fair is on an hour up the road on the Sunday, and you get the chance to ride & race your scooters in Italy. What more could you ask for? It’s a no brainer…..

22/06/2016  RLC sponsor principale dell'EuroLambretta Jamboree 2016 in Germania!

RLC was proud to sponsor the Lambretta Club Deutschland who hosted the recent 2016 Euro Lambretta rally in central Germany. This was a resounding success and all those who attended gave glowing reports. We had been asked to help out with sponsoring the event by offering some high-level prizes so we provided a Casatronic ignition system and a latest version ‘Cyclone 5 Speed’ gearbox for our German friends to use as prizes. Vittorio Tessera and Casa Lambretta also stepped in to help with a ‘Casa Superlight’ exhaust and some top drawer trophies. To top the show off, we also provided over a thousand of the new funky, chunky Casa Lambretta (Classic) parts catalogues and the same quantity of the all-new Casa Performance catalogues (that were literally fresh from the printers a few hours before!). The catalogues were personally dropped off to the rally hosts on the Wednesday before the event by RLC’s Isabella and Dean who were were en-route to Cadwell Park in the UK where the Casa Lambretta Racing Team were competing in the British BSSO scooter racing Championships. Despite the extra weight that those in scooter had to then haul back to the homes after the rally, judging by the comments we subsequently received from customers and friends, the prizes, awards and catalogues were well received and we’re happy to have helped out!


Banners with Casa, RLC and Casa Performance logos were everywhere to be seen and organiser Rolf May said that a lot of people had actually asked for these after the rally, as a souvenir of the event! 


On line scooter magazine SLUK ( wrote a great write up so for the full read, check it out here :


….Smart laser-cut trophies were topped off by generous prizes from main event sponsors Casa Lambretta and Rimini Lambretta Centre. These included a Casatronic ignition system and curly exhaust. Matt Thompson from London was overwhelmed when he realised not only that his Series 1 was awarded Best of Show, but that he’d also won a Cyclone 5-speed gearbox. That’s no small reward….” SLUK 

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