23/03/2017  Carter Motore CasaCase con parti in argento

The all new, game-changing engine casing from Casa Performance now with SILVER anodised parts for those who want the best engine casing on the market but with that 'original' look! Check them out HERE!

09/02/2017  Mostra Lambretta alla Fiera di Rimini + Festa 'Lambretta Show Party' serale @ Sidro Club

23/01/2017  PRODOTTI 'Best Seller' di RLC!

We often get asked what are the best selling items we stock at RLC and the answer can change depending on what’s new or in vogue at that time. However, some items become near-instant best sellers from the moment they're launched. Two such items are these beauties….


First up is the OTT upper chain guide (Code : X44) and with literally hundreds having been sold to date, they have become a firm favourite with all those who have tried one. Fully adjustable, they can be used either to push up OR pull down - so in layman’s terms, they will fit ANY drive sprocket and clutch bell combination! Nothing comparable on the market comes even close - and they're cheap as well. 


Following hot on the heels are the aluminium drive side oilseal plates with Viton ‘O’ ring. Couple with a Casa Viton oilseal, these spell the end of all your leaky oilseal woes. Unlike standard Lambretta oilseal plates, they are used WITHOUT a halite washer and the Viton O ring ensures PERFECT gas-tight sealing. A no brainer.


EVERY Lambretta engine should have these inside, period. These items cost Euro 40.00 / GBP £ 34.50 each and can be purchased via your Casa Performance dealer, or direct from Rimini Lambretta Centre 

21/01/2017  Scooterist Meltdown evento, Germania 3-5 Feb. 2017

At Rimini Lambretta Centre we’ve just spent the day working on the original Lambretta Streamliner ‘Siluro’ 125cc record breaker, to see if we can get it up and running once again, in time for his years Meltdown event where we’ll be bringing it to display….and perhaps to fire up? The question is, are there any thin German scooterboys left on the scene that can manage to squeeze inside? Who knows…..

12/01/2017  Virtual Tour di RLC

COME AND HAVE A VIRTUAL TOUR OF RIMINI LAMBRETTA CENTRE! Ever wondered what the shop is like at RLC? We have just added a ‘Virtual Tour’ of the shop courtesy of Denys @ ‘BK Web’ and this now allows you to come inside the shop and have a total 360° wonder around - all from the comfort of your armchair, whilst using your PC! Click the ‘Virtual Tour’ link on the main toolbar at the top of the site, or HERE!

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