05/11/2016  NOVITA'! Disponibili ora! Blocco motore CasaCase per Lambretta

The new batch of CASACASE’S are ready NOW! The revolutionary CasaCase Lambretta engine casing’s are available now and these are flying out! The CasaCase engine casing is a game changer for the Lambretta world. What you are looking at is the result of untold design, development, testing and final production. These have been tried & tested on the roads, and racetracks of Europe with complete success. The CasaCase is designed to be a direct ‘plug n’ play’ replacement engine casing for all Series 1, 2, 3, GP / DL (Italian or Indian) & Serveta machines. These do away with ALL the usual problems associated with old Lambretta engines and give you some SERIOUS benefits and upgrades. Amongst other things, CasaCase’s come complete with their race-quality crankshaft and the choice is 110mm (this is the standard conrod length for CasaCase’s as the gasket face is 3mm higher than on std. Lambretta engines) or 120mm rods with a choice of strokes ranging from 58mm through to 66mm. Available now from Rimini Lambretta Centre :

31/10/2016  Vistità di RLC & Casa Lambretta a Bridlington Trade & Custom Show October 2016 (UK)

Last weekend we visited the UK to attend the Bridlington Trade & Custom Show, jointly hosted by VFM, BSRA, and the LCGB. They were kind enough to let us have a display-only stand on the ground floor and we pulled out all stops to ensure that there was some tasty stuff on show for the paying public. Several of the RLC crew attended and we were joined by the lads from JB Tuning, the main UK importers for the Casa Performance range of parts. Also on the stand was Casa Lambretta head man Vittorio Tessera, Italian tuning genius Roberto Barone and living legend Tony Tessier, who was there promoting the forthcoming record-attempt Lambretta Streamliner project. Parts on display included the main elements of the Casa Performance range including the CasaCase engine casings, the various SS kits including the all-new SSR250 kit, exhausts, brakes and lots, lots more. Scooter wise we brought over the original Innocenti Lambretta 125cc Streamliner courtesy of the Panini family, a factory Model C racer , Luca Zani’s SS200 race scooter that won the 2016 BSSO Group 6 Championship and the RLC shop test-scooter fitted with a SSR250 kit. This was fired up after the show and several people had the chance to take it for a spin. Team SRP’s Stuart Days’ comment was, “it’s incredible – my hands are still shaking!” after trying it out.


The show was packed solid and the atmosphere both inside and outside the event was electric. The quality of scooters on display was breath-taking and a real testament to how healthy the British scooter scene currently is. The Casa / RLC stand was literally mobbed ALL day – from start to finish - and judging by peoples curious faces and the untold questions, it was all a storming success as people bring themselves up to speed on what’s about to come out onto the market! The day for us was topped off when RLC customer Tim Craig of Whitby (pictured) won two prizes in the Custom Show for his TV200 we restored!


Thanks to everyone who came over to say hello and a heart-felt thankyou to the organisers for allowing us to participate!  

19/10/2016  Aggiornamento per Bridlington Trade & Custom Show 27-29 Ottobre 2016

We’ll be at the Trade & Custom Show in Bridlington in 10 day’s time and for the first time in Britain, you’ll get to see BOTH the original record-breaking Innocenti Lambretta 125cc Streamliner AND an original Innocenti factory Model C Racer together on the Rimini Lambretta Centre / Casa Lambretta stand. We’ll have all the latest exclusive parts from the ‘Casa Performance’ stable, including CasaCase engines, hydraulic front discs, SS kits, Protti exhausts and the new SSR 250cc hyperformance kits. Alongside the RLC crew, you can meet up with Casa head honcho Vittorio Tessera, living legend Tony Tessier, the JB Tuuning lads and top Italian tuning legend Roberto Barone. If you want parts bringing over, contact us NOW and we’ll get them ready! Please note that we will NOT be trading at the show - just displaying - so all parts delivered over the course of the weekend must be paid for beforehand.

14/10/2016  RLC + Casa Lambretta al 'Trade & Custom Show' Bridlington GB (28-30 Ottobre 2016)

As of yesterday it became public domain that we’ll be coming back over for the Bridlington Trade & Custom Show in the UK. Taking place over the weekend of 28th-29th October, this is a combined scooter rally and custom show. If you want to see the very best in British custom and restored scooters, this is the place to find them, all under one roof. It’s also the show-case for lots of dealers presenting their goods and wares, and this year we’ll also be joining the fold.


We have several items we’ll be bringing over and these include the new Casa Performance SSR250cc kits (including one already fitted to a scooter, which we’ll be firing up after the show if all goes to plan), the ‘Octupus’ 8 stud rear hubs, the CasaCase engine casings, the latest spec SS200 and SS225 kits, the Casa Performance discs, the 2017 version Protti exhausts and much, much more. Please come on over to the RLC / Casa Lambretta stand to say hello! You’ll be able to meet up and chat with Casa Lambretta head man Vittorio Tessera, the RLC crew, Casa Performance tuning legend Roberto Barone and also joining us for the weekend is Tony Tessier. He is the man behind the new record-attempt  ‘Lambretta Siluro’ project and he’ll be on hand to showcase what is planned.


Some of you may have seen the FB teaser video we recently posted up (13.10.2016) and yes, we’ll be bringing over the incredible, original Innocenti Lambretta Streamliner to display at the show! Ridden by Romolo Ferri, this scooter achieved 201kph / 125mph back in 1950, taking untold World speed records at the time. Matteo and Giovanni Panini, owners and curators of the incredible Italian Panini / Maserati collection (of which the Streamliner is part of) have asked RLC to get the scooter back up and running once again with a view to use to run it at the Bonneville salt flats speed event (possibly in tandem with Tony’s new Siluro record attempt). As promotion for that, we have been given permission to display the Streamliner at the Brid Show. I think it’s fair to say this is the first time this amazing Lambretta has been on British soil so don’t let this unique chance to see such an awesome machine slip you by. Keeping this scooter company at the show will be an original Model C 125cc factory Racer from Vittorio’s collection and also Luca Zani’s SS200 race scooter that has taken the coveted Group 6 title in the 2016 BSSO Championships.


All summed up, we think it’s fair to say that the Bridlington Trade and Custom Show is DEFINATELY the place to be at the end of the month.

06/09/2016  Mancano solo 10 gironi all'evento 'La Corsa al Raduno'! a Pomposa!

A quick update for all those wishing to race at our ‘Run to the Race’ scooter rally and races taking place in Pomposa Italy 16th & 17th September. We have been asked a few times about which class you can compete in, abiding by the ‘ESC’ European Scooter Challenge rules? After speaking with Stoffi, he has confirmed that this can even be sorted out on the day! He has suggested that once you have tried out the track on Friday 16th, YOU can see how well you get on and then choose which Group (‘Klasse’) you want to ride in, based on how comfortable you feel with the speed of the other riders in your chosen group. You do NOT need to modify your machines in any way whatsoever to enter as you will be racing as ‘guests’. You can’t get easier than that! Remember VERY CHEAP race licences and race insurance are available ON THE DAY!


Our friend John Manion of the Lambretta Club USA will be attending the Run to the Race event at Pomposa in 10 days time! Globe-trotting John is a long time RLC customer and is truly an ambassador for the LCUSA. As he’s making the effort to attend, we thought it only right to supply him with a Lambretta to use at the event. This event is a combined Italian S.I.R. scooter rally and E.S.C. scooter race meeting and if you don’t already know about it, check out the ‘FAQ’ section once you click on the link below. This will be THE event this year to attend so get yourselves along to see what all the fuss is about. Remember the Isle of Elba rallies of yesteryear and the status they now hold in scooterings folklore? Well that’s what we want this event to become like. All being well, people will still be taking about this Pomposa for years to come so get yourselves along for what promises to be a unique experience!

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