02/08/2017  Biellette forgiate (con attacchi per ammortizzatori supplementari) di altissima qualità per forcella


This is a pair of damper type front fork links for Lambretta 125cc-150cc models. 

These are perfect to use in conjunction with the fantastic Casa Performance disc set-ups X130 or X142 (with the inside locating lug removed) - or as a simple upgrade to add front dampers to any Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, GP / DL or Serveta 125cc or 150cc model.

These new FORGED links have been especially manufactured in Italy for Casa Performance and are MADE TO INNOCENTI BLUEPRINT DESIGNS! As such they are absolutely bang on and attention has been taken to ensure EVERYTHING is correct, including the materials used and their treatment during the manufacturing process. These look, fit and work PERFECTLY. They are the later SX / GP type that utilise the loose balls.

11/05/2017  Kit super-sicura bloccaggio dado mozzo posteriore + viti (per TUTTE le Lambretta)

There are a lot of people who ride their scooters both on a daily basis and for rallies and obviously safety is a key issue with so many miles to cover on over-laden small wheeled machines. One major problem has already been resolved by Casa Performance with the introduction of their Octopus 8-stud rear hub and matching multi-splined layshaft. Their forged layshafts have effectively massively reduced the chance of an axle snapping – a long-overdue issue that needed to be resolved. These layshafts also have the added advantage of having a larger 18mm threaded section and subsequently use a special 18mm internal nut (although still maintaining the standard 27mm external size, as per all Lambretta’s). In a total all-out drive to obtain a complete ‘belt & braces’ scenario with regards to safety, we have also had Vittorio Tessera produce the lockwashers for the rear hub nuts that are now both thicker than standard items and also have extra holes so that all three 7mm Allen screws can be fitted. The beauty of these new lockwasher kits is that they can be used on any original or remade Lambretta rear hub and offer extra peace of mind for all Lambretta riders. 

27/04/2017  Cambio ravvicinato a 4 marce Casa Performance per Lambretta S1 + S2 + S3 + GP / DL + Serveta

Casa Performance have just released a new close ratio gearbox for Lambrettas. The ratios were chosen by Vittorio Tessera to offer a cheaper sporting alternative to the Cyclone 5-speed. This all new, 4 speed gearbox is designed to fit any Lambretta Series 1, 2, 3 GP / DL or Serveta scooter. It uses a forging for the gear cluster and has been tested on the racetrack. Unlike the tightly-packed 5-speed conversions which need setting up, this is designed as a simply plug-n-play swap for any conventional 4-speed box. The gearbox uses an interesting set of tooth combinations which is similar to the old MSC close ratio, apart from 2nd gear:


cluster – loose gear

same ratio as…

% rise


LI 150 1st



LI 150 2nd



LI 125 3rd



GP 200 4th



Advantages of this gearbox are :

- Close, even ratio jumps of around 20% from 2nd to 3rd and from 3rd to 4th

- The same final drive ratio in 4th gear as a GP200 gearbox.

- Top gear will give approx.. 9.43 mph per 1,000rpm with 18×47 sprockets.


The last point is important because it means that you’ll need to run a big front sprocket (18T or more) with most tuned engine conversions. Italian market retail price is Euro 375.00 (incl. VAT.)

23/03/2017  Carter Motore CasaCase con parti in argento

The all new, game-changing engine casing from Casa Performance now with SILVER anodised parts for those who want the best engine casing on the market but with that 'original' look! Check them out HERE!

09/02/2017  Mostra Lambretta alla Fiera di Rimini + Festa 'Lambretta Show Party' serale @ Sidro Club

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