Lambretta GP200 Electronic - Mario, Torino (Italy)
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Modello: Lambretta GP200 Electronic
Proprietario: Mario-tronic, Torino (Italy)


A one-owner from new GP200 is not an everyday occurrence - but that's what we have here. Torinese customer 'Mario-tronic'; bought this scooter new as a lad and promptly caned the brand spanking new scooter down to Rome to see how it went. The scooter was used & abused for several years until being stored away and largely forgotten about in the late 70's. But not before he'd ridden it under a bus, ending the frame in the process. Judging by the state of the solidified oil inside the engine, "maintenance" also wasn't particularly high up on the agenda for young Mario at the time.

Now he wants it back up to the mark and has commissioned RLC to give his scooter s complete conserved restoration and upgrade a few things along the way. That doesn't mean a hydraulic disc or reed-valved engine, just teflon lined cables and a BGM225 kit for a bit more oooomph. The scooter will be TOTALLY stripped down, meticulously cleaned up, polished and then rebuilt with its original paint but it needs to run and ride exactly as it was when it rolled out the dealership all those years ago as a new scooter.

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