Lambretta GP SSR250 - Geoffrey Smith, UK
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Modello: Lambretta GP SSR250
Proprietario: Geoffrey Smith, UK


This stunning scooter was on sale here on the website on behalf of a local lad and was snapped up by Geoff Smith from the UK. Geoff wants the scooter to have the full works and has given us the go-ahead to swop the motor for a full-on SSR250 5 speed unit, fit a long-range tank, uprated suspension and a complete CasaDisc brake up front to ensure the scooters stops as well as it goes.

We’ve started stripping it down and over the next few days, we’ll post more pics as the scooter transforms into Geoff’s desired creation.

UPDATE 1; We have decided to completely strip the scooter down as Geoff wanted some parts painting satin-black, so if the jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing right. These have now been done and we’re just finalising the motor as well. A Casa DoubleDisc has also been fitted up front, again in black and it really set off well against the metallic green of the actual scooter. The scooter has been cable up, wiring laid out and next week the motor will be placed into the scooter. Then it’s on the home run to get it finished.

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