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Lambretta GP200 Electronic - Tim Craig, Whitby (UK)

Tim has had several scooter restored by RLC over the years and this latest project is a VERY late UK-registered Grand 200 Electronic. The scooter arrived to us in pieces and completely stripped down, with the sole exception of a Taffspeed-tuned 205cc engine unit. Tim wanted a personal slant for the machine so we asked for the standard colour red but in a metallic version and he also asked for some chromed bodywork parts to be fitted. The scooter was blasted and repaired where necessary and then checked in RLC’s frame jig. Repairs done, it was then subjected to a ‘dry-build’ to check the alignment and ensure all the bodywork fitted ok. Once Marco was happy with the dry build it was stripped down once again and everything has been sent off to Rokka, RLC’s painter for him to work his magic. As the engine had to undergo the full shiny treatment, we stripped it down and once again, Tim had given us another ’blasted with boulders’ job to sort out (read the review of the resto’ we had to do for his TV200 on the RLC Gallery section of the website). The casing was pretty much beaten-up but that’s all part of the resto’ process to sort out, albeit it needed to be sanded down more or less by hand as power tools simply can’t access a lot of areas. Once the bodywork came back from the paintshop in the colours Tim had chosen it proved to be a master move. The colour is the original ‘Rosso Red’ with a metallic twist and it is superb under direct light or sunlight. There are also some chromed bodywork parts fitted to the scooter and it all makes for a very pretty picture. The engine casings were polished by none other than Johnny Walklate and these have come up really well, especially considering how bad they were. The rebuild went reasonably smoothly thanks to Marcos’ OCD approach during the dry-build prior to painting and the finished scooter is as you see here. We’ve ridden it a few miles to check it over and it’s an absolute pleasure to ride. Now it’s ready to be sent back to Whitby!
Lambretta GP200 Electronic
Tim Craig, Whitby (UK)