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Lambretta J50 - Filippo, Bologna Italia

We do love a J Range here at Rimini Lambretta Centre and this little beauty is one we have just assembled for Italian customer Filippo, from Bologna. We specialise in all parts for these small capacity Innocenti marvels and have the knowledge to also supply advice when needed so when another restorer was unable to finish (start?) the job, he asked RLC to step in and sort out the mess.

The frame had already been painted but was completely dismantled and the engine had been rebuilt without even cleaning it externally. The scooter is a family heirloom and Filippo wanted it to be perfect and ‘as new’. We chose to strip the motor down 101% and this was done so we could check it properly. The parts were correct but the aesthetics of the build weren’t - so the decision was made to also acid dip the casings. The sidecasing was also mirror polished and it came up beautifully. All the general fasteners were replace with new zinc plated parts and polished stainless in a few ‘key’ visible points, as requested by the owner. Once rebuilt the whole unit was stunning.

Meanwhile we built the scooter up, using mostly Casa Lambretta remade items and the build went smoothly thanks to the good quality of the parts. The original seat was recovered and restored and once the motor was mounted, it started up first kick. The engine is complexly standard so it is never going to break any land speed records but……the singular addition of the X42 J50 ‘sports exhaust made ALL the difference! It now sounds great and has just a little more oooomph to make riding it a real pleasure.

With the scooter finished, Filippo collected it and was over the moon with the end product. Sorted.

Lambretta J50
Filippo, Bologna Italia