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Lambretta LI125 S3 (185) - Giulia Barbieri, Cesena, Italia

Julia is the wife of our computer guru Alberto Nicolini and it didn’t take much for him to work out where to come to get her scooter done. The base of the project was a nice looking Series 3 LI125 although it had had quite a bad side-on accident in its previous life judging by the filler and damage to one side of the scooter.

After a chat a plan was drawn up where the scooter would be totally restored brought ‘up to date’ so that Julia could use it in modern traffic in her home town of Cesena, in Northern Italy. The scooter would be a nice Iseo light green with BRG finishing touches and all this would be topped off with a RLC Pegasus seat to make the scooter mega comfy to use. The engine was also given the same treatment and was totally stripped and then over-hauled. The casings were acid dipped and then built up with the best parts available on the market.

An ultra-reliable Casa 185 powers the show and the 42mm Clubman exhaust coupled with a Casatronic to power it all, completes the picture. Copious quantities of NOS parts along with Casa remade parts make sure it look amazing and this clean looking machine is now nearing completion.

The scooter has now been delivered to Giulia and she is super happy with the finished product. Another happy customer!

Lambretta LI125 S3 (185)
Giulia Barbieri, Cesena, Italia