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Lambretta SX150 Verde Mela - John Medina, Isola di Jersey

This stunning Apple Green coloured Lambretta SX150 is owned by long time RLC customer John Medina, who hails from sunny Jersey. John asked us for a complete restoration to carried out on his scooter. This was in (apparently) quite good original condition but each and every part of the bodywork had a knock in one place or the other and the frame was visually out of alignment. The engine ran but as we had to carry out a full strip down, this was of little importance. We set about the tear-down and then blasted everything. The frame was jigged and re-set where needed and the scooter was then completely rebuilt, with all the clearances between the parts checked to ensure they were perfect.


The bodywork was then stripped again, and sent off to be etch-primed and painted by Matteo Rokka of Lead Sled, our local biker friend. He did his magic and in the meantime, the engine was given the same attention. The casings were acid-dipped, polished and then rebuilt with all the best parts on the market. John asked for  a Casa 185 kit with a mild tune carried out by us, a Cyclone 5 Speed gearbox for perfect gearing and a Casa 42mm Clubman exhaust for the performance but still keeping it all nice and quiet.


The rebuild was reasonably straightforward and RLC’s method of dry building before final paint always pays off at this point. Like a puzzle, piece after piece and it all fell nicely into place. Once completed it was fired up, fine-tuned, checked and give a 200km run for it all to settle down. The scooter now resides in Jersey and after recently speaking with John regarding his next project, he let on that this Apple Green Lambretta is a real pleasure to use and he is the proverbial happy bunny. Sorted. 

Lambretta SX150 Verde Mela
John Medina (Jersey)