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Restauro motore Serveta Jet 200cc - Dante, Pesaro - Italia

This is a bog standard Jet 200 Serveta engine that we were asked to restore for a local customer Dante, who is completing the scooters resto’ himself but wanted RLC's touch on the motor. The instructions were keep it standard except for a GP crank and Casatronic ignition. 


Once work commenced though, it wasn't all rosey and smiles - as we found out after seeing that the insides of the gearbox had been water logged in a previous life and a hole had been smacked into the sidecasing! Nothing too difficult to sort out so we stripped it totally & cleaned it up. The casings were sent off to be acid dipped and then the 3 x gasket faces were skimmed, as per all RLC engine rebuilds. The sidecasing was repaired and then that too was skimmed. 


The engine has just been completed so check out the pics to see what an RLC acid-dipped motore can look like. If you wan tsoem of the same, contact us and we'll do the rest! 

Serveta Jet 200
Dante, Pesaro - Italia