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Lambretta Ancillotti 200cc - Paul Calder, Scozia

Paul is one of RLC’s biggest fans and the collection of scooters we have sourced or restored in his collection is testament to this. He is always on the lookout for something a little quirky and cool so when we stumbled across an ORIGINAL Ancillotti tuned Lambretta Special 125, we knew it ticked all his proverbial boxes.


This Lambretta came from the Bologna area and had passed through the fabled Ancillotti stable. There were always some tell-tale signs and parts that gave the game away and this scooter had all these. Obviously what you see on the outside can be important but when you’re talking about the most famous scooter tuners to have ever graced the planet, it’s what’s on the INSIDE that’s going to make - or break - the show. Once work proper began, we stripped the scooters bodywork and then delved deep inside the power plant. The engine is the scooters original small black 125 casing, full-blown tuned TV175 barrel taken out to 200cc, chromed crank, (red) reinforced upper chain guide, ‘A&T’ 19T front sprocket and a Dell’Orto SS30 carb sat on a big bore Ancillotti manifold. Basically it’s the absolute business.


The plan was as follows : do a complete RLC ‘conserved’ restoration with the additional of some original Ancillotti parts we had here in the RLC stores. To make sure the work is absolutely top-drawer, we also got in contact with Alberto Ancillotti himself to ensure EVERYTHING we use on the scooter is correct and period. The important thing with a scooter of this kind is that it’s the real thing. As such via some mutual contacts in Florence we met up with none other than Alberto Ancillotti and got to spent a couple of wonderful evenings in the man’s company. He gave the thumbs up on the scooter and confirmed the originality. This is topped by the fact that both Brothers also signed Pauls sidepanels, on top of the famous ‘Dollar’ symbol stickers (the reason for that is a story in itself).


Whilst all this was going on, we were been busy rebuilding the scooters engine and making sure all the important Ancillotti tuning parts were in perfect order. The mentally rare Dell’Orto SS carb was overhauled and the electrics all restored. The bodywork has been cleaned up and given a sympathetic resto’ only where needed. The paintwork was amazing anyway so this proved not too difficult, other than treating and ‘sealing’ any rust that was present.


With the bodywork back to us we worked flat out on the rebuild. The engine was then fitted with it’s rebuilt original chromed crank and all the lush parts that make this so special. Although all the details on this scooter this must be period correct, it must also work perfectly. The seat has also just turned up and it was time to fire her up. There is nothing like hearing a Dell’Orto SS carb in action so it was truly a magic moment bringing a scooter like this back to life. The scooter now looks like it should and goes just as well. The carb initially proved to be problematic to sort out but that was sussed with the addition of some modern remade parts. The scooter is quick to say the least and looks mental. Now completed it had the obligatory photo-shoot and will soon it’ll be sat in Pauls collection in sunny Edinburgh. Sorted. 

Lambretta Ancillotti 200cc
Paul Calder, Scozia