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Lambretta TV175 1a. Serie - Murray Bremner (Edinbugo)

Long time RLC customer Murray was in the market for a TV1 and we managed to locate just such a machine locally although the scooter is of Dutch origin. Importantly for a TV1, all the hard-to-find parts were present and in reasonable condition. The scooter came to us already sandblasted although the person who had done this hadn't bothered to completely strip everything and left some parts like the petrol tap and steering races still attached. It arrived already sprayed in anti-rust primer but really needed some very meticulous dry-building.


Murray worked through a battle plan with RLC on the scooter’s theme and - thank goodness -  decided he wasn’t going down the normal “101% standard TV1 route”. A lush second BRG colour was added along with some choice bolt on original accessories, all of which are top drawer. To top the show off, Murray asked for a big bore one-off bespoke exhaust utilising an original Londoner tailpipe and also a RLC Pegasus seat.


TV1’s can be a right pain as certain parts are impossible to locate, even for those in the trade. Luckily we have amassed a lot of NOS parts for TV1’s over the years and this scooter got a very fat slice of all those we have in the ‘restoration only’ section of the shop’s stores. A TV175 Series 1 is quite simply the Rolls Royce of Lambretta’s and the treatment and work that goes into a restoration of one of these amazing machines must reflect that. Only the very best will do.


The end result is what you see here – a stunning Lambretta that has Murrays personal touch and is now ready to glide along the highways and byways of his Scottish hometown Edinburgh.

Lambretta TV175 1a. Serie
Murray Bremner (Edinbugo)