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Motore sezionato BGM per Scooter Center - Cologne, Germania

Our friends at Scooter Center in Germany asked us to build a sectioned / cutaway display engine for display purposes to show off their BGM range of wares. BGM has established itself as one of the market leaders in the Lambretta parts market with a great selection of top drawer products at modest prices. Here at RLC we use a lot of their parts for customers’ scooters, the ‘Casa Lambretta Racing Team’ scooters and also our own personal scooters. SCK’s Phil provided us with all the right parts and we got to work finding a good Lambretta engine to use as the base of the project. This was then stripped down 101%, meticulously cleaned and then acid-dipped. We then set to deciding where and how much to cut away and started drilling, filing, cutting, polishing and machining….. Even by our own admission it was a long job and much harder than initially anticipated.


The work took nearly 40 hours to complete but we’re sure you’ll agree that the end result is worth it and the lads at SCK seemed delighted when presented with the engine during their ‘Scooter Show’ event at the start of April 2016. The engine proved to be a massive hit with the public and loads of people took the time to see just what goes on inside a Lambretta engine and how the fantastic BGM parts move and spin! 

Scooter Center - Cologne, Germania