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Manufacturer: bardahl
Origin: Italy


Product code: OAL024


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Top Gasoline Repower Moto is a petrol additive for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines designed for cleaning and maintaining motorcycle and scooter fuel systems. It provides an effective cleaning power for a rapid restoration of engine performance by effectively eliminating deposits accumulated on injectors, valves, combustion chamber and piston crowns in a single treatment and preserves the fuel from aging and oxidation.

• One-tank clean-up: cleans the entire fuel system in one treatment
• Effectively removes deposits from the combustion chamber and piston crowns
• Quickly restore engine performance
• Improves combustion by reducing fuel consumption and polluting emissions
• Contains Friction Modifier: improves lubrication and helps control engine wear
• Helps eliminate condensation water from the tank that can form during storage
• Protects the system from corrosion
• Extends fuel life in winter storage

Top Gasoline Repower Moto contains a special package of detergent and dispersant substances which allow deposits accumulated on injectors, valves, combustion chamber and piston crowns to be effectively removed in a single treatment, restoring the regular operation of the fuel system and consequently the energy efficiency of the engine. In addition to effectively removing deposits from the combustion chamber, it prevents their formation and avoids the possibility of pre-ignition or detonation phenomena. Thanks also to its anti-friction additives, it allows an improvement in performance in terms of power, fuel saving and reduced emissions. The anti-oxidants contained in it delay the degradation of the fuel, extending its life. In addition, the corrosion inhibitors counteract the action of acid substances and water, safeguarding the life of the tank, of the fuel system and improving the first start-up in the event of winter storage.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE A 150 ml pack treats approximately 15-20 liters of petrol. For better mixing with the fuel, it is recommended to pour the additive into the tank just before refueling. RECOMMENDED USE INTERVAL Once every 5 – 10,000 km or as needed.