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Transmission chain Iwis Lambretta TV1 175cc
Manufacturer: iwis
Origin: Italy

Transmission chain Iwis Lambretta TV1 175cc

Product code: M138Z

Models: Lambretta TV1

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Transmission chain Iwis Lambretta TV1 175cc. Tired of your TV1 chain slopping around all over the place? We all know that TV1's do NOT have any form of chain guide as the original chains were 'pre-stretched' and therefore shouldn't elongate any more than when they were fitted new....which we also know isn't the case. All TV1 chains end up sloppy so RLC contacted German chain manufactuers IWIS to get some high quality drive chains made up specifically for TV1 models.

The answer is what you see here before you : a top quality drive chain, perfect to eliminate the sloppy chain problems on your TV1. Sorted.