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Casa Performance 'Radiale' finned cylinder head for SS250+ SS265 Scuderia (CENTRAL plug version)

Product Code: X231r
Supplier: Casa Performance / RLC
Suitable for: Lambretta SSR250 - SSR265 Scuderia
EUR € 120,00
GBP £106.00

Casa Performance 'Radiale' finned cylinder head (for optimum cooling) for SS250 + SSR265 Scuderia kits / engines. This is the RACING version that has a CENTRAL sparkplug hole. The idea for this new head has been concieved, designed, tested and manufactured by us here at RLC for the Casa Performance range. This DRASTICALLY reduces the running temperature of the engine and provides mental cooling, and therefore your scooter runs MUCH better. 

As the spark plug is central on this head, the cylinder head cowling will require drilling to allow fitment of the sparkplug.

Inner combustion chamber diamter = 70mm.

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