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Original Dell'Orto red tipped needle valve for carburettor

Product Code: 530
Supplier: Dell'Orto / Casa Lambretta
Suitable for: Lambretta S3 - GP DL - Serveta - Lui Vega Cometa 75cc
EUR € 4,00
GBP £3.50
Problems with dire quality petrol giving your scooter carb problems? Then this top quality Original NOS Dell'Orto red tipped needle valve will certainly go some of the way to curing the situation.

This type of 'red tipped' needle valve is designed for modern fuels and can be fitted to all Dell'Orto 20mm and 22mm SH1 + SH2 type carbs as fitted to Lambretta S3 + GP DL + Lui Vega Cometa 75cc + Serveta models. This is the real deal and light years ahead of any Jetex / Indian part.
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