25/01/2018  RLC @ Scooterist Meltdown Kalkar Germany 2018

The lads in the RLC workshops are busy preparing two scooters that will be ridden from Italy to the forthcoming ‘Scooterist Meltdown’ event to be held on the German- Dutch border in ‘sunny’ Kalkar. Mickyboy will be riding an original condition Lambretta GP125 fitted with a full-on SSR265 Scuderia motor. The other scooter will be ridden by Dean and is a Serveta Lynx 200 fitted with a prototype ‘Touring’ SST265 motor complete with a prototype ‘box’ type  exhaust, as can be seen in one of the pics. It’ll be interesting to see how the scooters perform comparatively speaking with regards to speed, cruising speed and fuel consumption, especially in extremely adverse weather conditions  seeing as they will have to cross the Italian Alps along the way. 

12/01/2018  Special Offer for RLC Customers!

The CasaDisc brakes need little introduction and those ‘that know’ have one fitted to their scooter(s). After trying one of these, you’ll wonder why you’ve ever even considered anything else. Recently the guys from SLUK ( came over to test ride the SSR250 on the local roads and one of the things that struck them the most was the CasaDisc brake set-up fitted to the scooter!

“I must mention the brakes. The Casa discs run four-pot callipers and anti-dive, they’re a stonking brake. Progressive with more feel than you’d get in a blind swingers club. None of that ‘all-or-nothing’ feeling you get with many Lambretta front hydraulic brakes. These work and look stunning, at £1200 they should do but people who ran them last year all say it was money well spent”. Iggy Grainger - SLUK

So, if you’re still considering whether to get yourself the best Lambretta brake on the market, here’s a couple of things to help you decide. Firstly, check out what you get for your dollar HERE. Secondly, while stocks last for the month of January 2018 ONLY, Rimini Lambretta Centre is offering you the following :

1  x  COMPLETE black CasaDisc single brake kit Code X130n with….
1  x  FREE Casa Performance OTT top chain guide Code X44
1  x  FREE RLC T shirt (choice of colour & size)
1  x  FREE Casa Lambretta catalogue
FREE postage (UK & Europe only). All this for GBP £815 / Euro 920!

1  x  COMPLETE black Casa DoubleDisc brake kit Code X142n with….
1  x  FREE Casa Performance OTT top chain guide Code X44
1  x  FREE RLC T shirt (choice of colour & size)
1  x  FREE SLUk set of SLUK bridgepiece clips set SLK001
1  x  FREE Casa Lambretta catalogue
FREE postage (UK & Europe only). All this for GBP £1197 / Euro 1350!
Remember, the Casa Disc’s are the only brakes that are supplied 101% COMPLETE with EVERYTHING needed for fitment including the super-neat master cylinder, ultra-sleek switch housing, hydraulic hose and absolutely EVERYTHING is race-quality. Fitment is also easy thanks to the easy-to-follow VIDEOS that we have posted on YouTube.  

02/01/2018  Special hydraulic hose tube with MIXED 8mm + 10mm banjo eyelets

Special hydraulic hose tube with MIXED 8mm + 10mm banjo eyelets, We sometimes get asked for these hoses for people who wish to fit the super-neat Casa Performance master cylinder and switch housing on the handlebars and need to attach the set-up to their existing brake unit. The X130 and X142 Casa Performance brakes use unusually small banjo connections with holes for 8mm bolts, whereas the most common size on the market is 10mm. 

This special hose has an 8mm banjo eyelet on one end and a 10mm version at the other end, allowing you to fit a Casa Performance master cylinder & switch housing set-up to your scooter whilst retaining your current brake unit. Sorted.

25/12/2017  RLC Opening Times + Shipping Dates for the 2017 Festive period

This is the list of the dates and times we'll be open, or closed, over the festive period. Our couriers will also be operating on a limited basis on the days we are actually open and we will endeavour to maintain an efficient shipping service during these times. As Casa Lambretta Milan are closed until the 8th January, some standard parts may be impossible to supply if current RLC stocks are depleted during these times, until we are able to re-stock once again.

Please bear in mind email response times may vary during this period.


Monday 25th December 2017 - CLOSED 
Tuesday 26th December 2017 - CLOSED
Wednesday 27th December 2017 - OPEN 09.00-13.00 / 14.30-18.30
Thursday 28th December 2017 - OPEN 09.00-13.00 / 14.30-18.30
Friday 29th December 2017 - OPEN 09.00-13.00 / 14.30-18.30
Saturday 30th December 2017 - OPEN 09.00-13.00 (no parts shipping)
Sunday 31st December 2017 - CLOSED
Monday 1st January 2018 - CLOSED
Tuesday 2nd - Monday 8th January 2018 - These are National Italian Holidays but during weekdays we will be OPEN 09.00-13.00 but with limited staff and email repsonse times may be elongated.

14/12/2017  New seats for fibreglass rear body sections X107!

Of late we have seen a huge increase in the sale of the fibreglass bodywork kits that market leaders Europlast produce exclusively for Casa Performance. The one-piece rear bodywork unit, with its integral seat hump (based on the parts we utilise on the Casa Lambretta Racing Team scooters) is the most requested part, albeit requires a specially-made bolt-down seat. We have now added these special seats to the ever-growing Casa Performance range of parts and they are available with black, red or blue stitching. Manufactured in Italy by RLC’s seat making geniuses Trezzi, the fitment, finish and quality are second to none. 

Priced at Euro 275.00 each, the codes are X107 with the three colour options and they can be ordered HERE!

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