This is one of the new screens from Casa Performance due out soon for all Lambretta V-Special models. They will be available in ‘Gloss Black’ (as seen here), ‘Light Smoke Grey’ and ‘Dark Smoke Grey’, in both low-type sports ‘flyscreen’ and taller ‘windscreen’ versions. Prices will be stated at their release within the next couple of weeks. More info here;

NEW ORIGINAL STYLE BRACKETS FOR RLC’S BUBBLE SCREENS! After some customer feedback on the screens - mostly along the lines of, “amazing screens that look and fit well but the brackets could be better” - we have listened and gone back to the drawing board. We took some original 70’s screen brackets and had them manufactured so that they are no longer ugly wrap-around clamps, that could ruin your scooters paintwork. These new brackets fit on the underside of the bars, with no modifications needed to fit them. Simply remove the two headset top screws and use the bolts supplied with each screen. The new ’L’ shaped brackets have been made in stainless steel and are supplied ready-polished. Simple and stunning. Also having made our own brackets, it has meant that we can also drop the prices down to Euro 105 / GBP £ 91 for a complete screen kit, with a choice of 5 colours (red, smoke, yellow, ochre or green)! Sorted. More info HERE!

CASA PERFORMANCE LAMBRETTA SMALLFRAME PARTS UPDATE! In keeping with their policy of producing a tidal-wave of new parts, the lads at RLC have been working on new forks for the Luna range of Lambrettas. Their forthcoming 135cc plug ‘n’ play kit, is due out for Spring 2019 and having now pushed the boundaries of performance up to a level that owners of Lui/Vega/Cometa or J range scooters never would have previously thought possible, handling and safety is also high on their collective agenda. Apart from being hard to locate, original Luna line Lambretta forks are not that robust and also tend give very light handling as standard, as the front end weighs the same as gnat with heavy shopping. Some people like this aspect but inevitably as it’ll be no more than five minutes after the kits’ release that people start tuning them over their 12-14bhp out-of-the-box power level, better brakes might be needed. Therefore to kill two birds with one stone RLC are now completing tests of an all-new fork design, that has a Vega type column but with a (modified) LI-type lower section, courtesy of Vittorio Tessera and Casa Lambretta. This means that these new forks will add a little more weight to the front end of the scooter but most importantly also permit owners to use either LI type drum hub brakes or hydraulic discs from any manufacturer, CasaDisc included, as can be seen here in the pics. For those who wish to maintain their original forks, a simpler (and cheaper) fully hydraulic Casa Performance front brake for original Luna & J Range type forks is also on the cards and testing of prototypes is due to start on these shortly. Both forks and brakes are expected to be released in Summer 2019. As if all this wasn’t enough, the lads have also finalised the following products: a new chain guide (suitable for all models), new hi-spec cranks for both 3 and 4 speed engine casings with balance factors specifically suited for the weight of the pistons, a Ducati 90W electronic ignition complete with Hi-Flow CP fan, Superseal driveside oilseal plates with Viton ‘O’ ring that can be used on both 3 and 4 speed casings, various exhaust systems (both big-bore original type and expansion chamber type by Barone Racing) and a super-neat adapter ring for fitting under the flywheel cowling that has an additional lug for mounting an exhaust for non-Vega 75cc models, that are without the necessary mounting point casting on the engine casing. Another issue when tuning Luna machines has always been the increase in vibration and RLC have also addressed this with some novel solutions to the original engine mount set-up. This modification is still in its early days though so more news to follow if their testing goes to plan. Right through the winter these parts will be tested to the extreme and all being well, by Christmas prototypes of their new 5-speed gearboxes will also be fitted to the 4 x Lui’s that the shop use for test-bed purposes. Once any initial bugs have been ironed out, these same scooters will be ridden up across the Alps to the Scooterist Meltdown event on the Dutch-German border, replicating what the lads did last year when they rode there on two SSR/SST265’s in artic like -10°C conditions as reported HERE on SLUK. If that all goes to plan, then production proper of all parts goes into overdrive and next summer we should see a lot of previously neglected smallframe Lambrettas back on the road!
WHAT WERE THE VEGA MODS? No, we’re not talking about putting lights and mirrors on a Lui 75. It’s all about the other things we did to the scooter that Dean recently rode on the 2600km road-test trip for the forthcoming Casa 135 kits. One of the things we have been most asked about is what suspension we used? BGM front and back is the answer. The rear shocker is a Black Edition that we re-bushed and the front dampers were plug n’ play, albeit with our special front axle nuts (Item: X66) and two weld-on brackets (Item: X81) at the top. The usual poor quality Luna line suspension issues were completely out sorted out in one fell swoop, and he had excellent handling (despite carrying 35kg of baggage). These parts though are not just for Lui/Vega/Cometa models and the hub nuts can be used on ALL lambretta models (they are a copy of those made by Italian manufacturers Omega from the 1970’s). The same applies our top brackets which are a million times better than standard Lambretta damper mounting brackets as they will take any abuse you put them through. Want better handling? Then get yours now.
This coming Sunday - or Monday - two of the RLC crew (along with Roberto Barone on his smallframe Vespa) will be riding back over to the UK once again. Why? No particular reason other than proper product testing. We have a few products to test including the finalised version of the box-type exhaust for the ‘Touring’ version of the SSR265 motors, i.e. the SST265. This is fitted to the shops silver Serveta and young Luke Salvin will be riding that. Dean gets the smallframe choice and will be riding a Lui (Vega) 75, fitted with a prototype ‘Casa 135’ kit. These are plug ‘n’ play kits designed to fit any 50, 75, 10 or 125cc smallframe Lambretta J range or Lui, Vega and Cometa. A rusty Italian market Lui 75 is being (re)built up as you read this, and hopefully will be done in time for the set-off. The frame was changed at the last minute for one that is already registered as a 150cc, so we can legally use the scooter on everything from country tracks, A and B roads, through to motorways. The chosen route will take us across Italy, over the Alps near Mont Blanc, up through France where we’ll get a ferry across from Le Havre to Portsmouth. Then it’s over to Weston, followed by a motorway blast over to Southend. The return route will be via Belgium, Germany, Lichtenstein, Austria and finally back down through Italy which should give the scooters a test-run of about 4000km’s in total. We'll also be meeting up with Andy @ ScooterNova Magazine at some point, so he can road test both machines. Once we’re back, we’re check the parts, make any necessary changes and then they go into production. Product testing at its finest?

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