11/02/2015  RLC 20th ANNIVERSARY OPEN DAY : 25th April 2015 - LATEST UPDATE!

Friday 24TH April 2015

Welcome drinks for the early arrivals at the shop. In the evening we’ll be heading over to the ‘Il Contadino’ restaurant (Via Sogliano 92, Savignano sul Rubicone (FC)).


Saturday 25th April 2015

The Open Day at the shop where we’ll have various restored & custom scooters on display. During the day, it’ll be possible to see and try the following machines :

-          BOTH of the Innocenti SX200 Prototypes (kindly provided by Vittorio Tessera of Casa Lambretta Milan / The ‘Scooter & Lambretta Museum’ of Rodano)

-          The RLC Lambretta GP225 ‘Test Bike’, fitted with the new Casa Performance SS225cc kit + Cyclone 5 Speed gearbox

-          The Casa Lambretta GP305 ‘Test Bike’, fitted with the new BSG / Casa Performance ‘Bullet 305cc’ engine + Cyclone 5 Speed ‘Supreme Plus’ gearbox

Also, on display will be the new 2015 season race scooters of the ‘Team Casa Lambretta’ along with a ‘surprise’ scooter that is a VERY important part of Lambretta history!


Come along and meet the RLC crew! Several noteable scootering personalities will also be present on the day to meet and chat with including various journalists and Casa Lambretta main man, Vittorio Tessera. The Scooter Center (SCK) crew have confirmed that they’ll also be coming and will have a stand to show-case all the latest BGM products.


On the day, we’ll have a full professional catering set-up present run by local scooterist Manuel ‘Pasty’ Urbinati of the ‘Antico Forno & Pasticceria Urbinati’ from Santa Giustina, Rimini.


Saturday evening we’ll be holding a jolly up at the ‘Locando Castellaro’ with a buffet-style meal and music spun by the following DJ’s: Andrea ‘Mez’ Mezzini (Road Runner S.C.), Ivan Nicoletti (Road Runner S.C.), Matteo Alberti 'Peo' (Insetti Viandanti S.C.), Romina Gianessi & Vecchiette Assassine S.C., King Andy (Drinkin'n'Drivin S.C.), Trox (Predappio Bootboys) and Sticky (Speed Demons S.C.). Please note that if you would like to attend the evening do and meal, let us know no later than 01.04.2015 by emailing Isabella:


Sunday 26th April 2015

At approx. 10.30am, there will be a scooter run organised by the lads of the ‘Teste Cromate S.C.’ This will depart from the shop and head up into the hills overlooking the area. The route will be about 25 miles and will end at the Gallia restaurant, where we have organised lunch for those taking part. ‘La Gallia’, Località Ca' Benedetto 24, Strigara, 47030, Sogliano Al Rubicone (FC) Tel: (++39) 0541.948603.


Information & Contact details:

Rimini Lambretta Centre

Via Delle Industrie 13

(Zona artigianale di Camerano di Poggio Berni)


Poggio Torriana (RN)

Tel: ++39.0541.686449 (GMT + 1hr. / workshop hours)

Cell. 1: (++39) 339.7038887 (English + Italian)

Cell. 2: (++39) 339.3785860 (Italiano)


(Friday 24th evening meal)

Il Contadino,

Via Sogliano 92,

Savignano sul Rubicone (FC)

Tel: (++39) 0541.945810



(Saturday 25th evening meal + jolly up)

‘Locanda Castellaro’ 

Via Castellaro, 40
47030 BORGHI (FC)
Tel: (++39) 0541.947570
Cell : (++39) 349.0689331 (Matteo)



Recommended Hotels :

‘Locanda Antiche Macine’

Via Sogliano No.1540,

Santarcangelo di Romagna (FC)
(++39) 0541.627161 (ask for Marco)


Albergo ‘I Tre Re’

Via Fratelli Cervi, 1


Poggio Berni (RN)

Tel: (++39) 0541.687918 (ask for Maurizio Sarti)


For directions to find the shop, have a look at the ‘Contact’ page on the shop’s website, which provides a step-by-step guide:


For those flying in, we suggest you also book a hire car, as public transport is limited in the area. Closest airports are either Ancona or Bologna – both of which are about 1 hour from the shop.


For any other information:  

Rimini Lambretta Centre : (++39) 0541 686449 (workshop hours)

Isabella : (++39) 339.3785860 (Italian)

Dean : (++39) 339.7038887 (English)

18/01/2015  Tooled Up : Remade SX200 Twin Prototype inside legshield toolbox

Tooled up. Whilst the second Innocenti SX200 Twin ‘Bicilindrico’ prototype is currently under the spanners for a full conserved restoration, we took the opportunity to get a mold made up of this stunning inside legshield toolbox from the first Twin. This toolbox is absolutely stunning. A unique, one-off item made by the R&D department at Innocenti but never put into production. The amazing thing about this toolbox is that it does NOT ruin or alter the scooters lines. Looking directly side-on at the scooter this toolbox is totally invisible. Now we have taken the mold of the toolbox, Fabri RLC’s gifted fabricator, has been given the job of simplifying the original mounting brackets. As soon as these are done we’ll get these into production right away.  More news both here on the shops website and on the shops FB page as we progress :

15/01/2015  RLC 20th ANNIVERSARY OPEN DAY : 25th April 2015

RLC 20th ANNIVERSARY OPEN DAY : 25th April 2015. This is just to advise that the date for the RLC Open Day is 25th April 2015. We have moved it forward by a week due to a request from the local council, so this date will be definitive. We have lots lined up with several ‘interesting’ scooters available to see and also try on Saturday 25th, an evening do and then to top it all off, a scooter run on Sunday 26th April in collaboration with the ‘Teste Cromate S.C.’ crew. Full event details, along with a list of recommended hotels, will be published soon both on FB and here in the ‘News’ section of the shop’s website.

07/01/2015  Two Kings for a Day

A tale of two Kings. Today was magical day here at RLC in that we started the SECOND Innocenti prototype SX200 twin for the first time! We recently completed the complete ‘conserved resto’ of the first one and Vittorio was suitably impressed with the outcome to ask us to do the same work on his other Twin, which is the very same scooter he had used quite extensively during the 90’s for various rallies and Lambretta Club events. This was supposed to be “running” but probably hadn’t actually done so for over a decade and consequently both the tank and carbs were absolutely full of muck and sludge. 

Before we were to start the complete conserved resto’ on No.2, we wanted to hear it sing so we set about stripping everything out, cleaning it all up and sealing the (unique) petrol tank internally. Now done, today we added some juice and second kick she fired up! Magical! Tomorrow we’ll film both Twins up and running and post the video up both here on FB and on the shop’s YouTube channel : 

Whilst we’re on the subject of the Twins, the photo accompanying this 'News' shows two head cowlings. One original, one not. Over the years one of these unique parts has been ‘misplaced’ and subsequently one Twin was destined to go without. Not wishing to do anything by half, we gave the only remaining cowling (in the World!) to the panel-beater at RLC’s paintwork bodyshop, who specialise in ‘conserved’ paintwork for Porsches and the like, and gave him the instructions to “copy that – and don’t lose it”. 24 hours later we were presented with cowling number two. It was hand-made from a single sheet of metal , primed, painted and then scratched up to ‘age’ it before the paint had set hard. And guess what? It fits better than the hand-made Innocenti original. Sorted and the jobs a good ‘un

03/01/2015  BSG Casa Lambretta Bullet 305cc engines update

Two of the BSG boys, Fabio e Stefano, came into RLC yesterday to check on work in progress for the new ‘BSG Casa Lambretta’ 305cc engines. Working together we have concluded that the engine mounts position section will be altered, to allow better access to the crankcase fed reed-valve. The genius of this casing is that as with all BSG produced engines, each main area of the engine casing is a separate section that can simply be bolted, or unbolted, in a matter of seconds. Therefore changing the design of the engine mounting section and swopping them over will be a breeze. Other things we have decided on are the final carburettor exit and position, the modified fuel tank, carb type, the gearbox and final transmission. Other interesting news is that as the current front sprocket arrangement doesn’t have a cush spring set-up, Fabio will be studying a whole new 10 or 12 plate clutch with an integral, built in cush arrangement. This will fit inside the engine as it’s 1cm deeper compared to an Innocenti casing, in the that area.

As soon as we have the new mounting section (mid-January), we’ll then get the engine bolted into a frame (even THAT has a story to tell, as it’s a scooter that was used solely inside the Innocenti factory!!!) and we’ll be closer to getting the whole show up and running in a VERY short space of time.

More news to follow here on the shop’s website and on both the ‘RLC’ and ‘Casa Lambretta’ Facebook pages.

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