12/01/2017  RLC Virtual Tour

COME AND HAVE A VIRTUAL TOUR OF RIMINI LAMBRETTA CENTRE! Ever wondered what the shop is like at RLC? We have just added a ‘Virtual Tour’ of the shop courtesy of Denys @ ‘BK Web’ and this now allows you to come inside the shop and have a total 360° wonder around - all from the comfort of your armchair, whilst using your PC! Click the ‘Virtual Tour’ link on the main toolbar at the top of the site, or HERE!

01/01/2017  Happy New Year 2017!

From all the staff here at RLC, we'd like to wish all our customers - past, present and future, a Happy New Year for 2017! If last year was anythign to go by then this year will be just as amazing and we promise you LOTS of exciting new items in the pipeline that we are are working on.


Please note that the shop is currently semi-closed (as is the case with 99.9% of Italy) until January 9th 2017. When we say 'semi-closed', that means that we are running a skelton staff only and therefore there might be some delay in shipping orders or replying to emails until the 9th! 

19/12/2016  Thankyou award from the Lambretta Club Deutschland

There was a nice packet sat on my desk this morning, courtesy of the Lambretta Club Deutschland. Inside was a letter thanking RLC for our support of their fantastic EuroLambretta Jamboree event held this summer and a cool ‘ 5 Star Superior Dealer’ etched glass plaque. We often get asked to sponsor events and we always try our best to help, whether the event is an International affair of just a local scooter club run. Sadly, it’s rare to receive any form of “thanks” from the very same organisers and sponsorship is often taken for granted. Therefore to receive such a nice letter and the plaque is truly top drawer. From all of us here at RLC, thankyou Rolf May & the LCD, you’re welcome! 

13/12/2016  Casa 185cc kits due for imminent arrival!

There has been some delay of late with the Casa 185 kits from Casa Milan. These are now shipped and are on their way to us. Massive apologies to all those who are waiting but we will endeavour to get these out to you all the moment they arrive this week! 

05/11/2016  NEW! The all new CasaCase engine casings AVAILABLE NOW!

The new batch of CASACASE’S are ready NOW! The revolutionary CasaCase Lambretta engine casing’s are available now and these are flying out! The CasaCase engine casing is a game changer for the Lambretta world. What you are looking at is the result of untold design, development, testing and final production. These have been tried & tested on the roads, and racetracks of Europe with complete success. The CasaCase is designed to be a direct ‘plug n’ play’ replacement engine casing for all Series 1, 2, 3, GP / DL (Italian or Indian) & Serveta machines. These do away with ALL the usual problems associated with old Lambretta engines and give you some SERIOUS benefits and upgrades. Amongst other things, CasaCase’s come complete with their race-quality crankshaft and the choice is 110mm (this is the standard conrod length for CasaCase’s as the gasket face is 3mm higher than on std. Lambretta engines) or 120mm rods with a choice of strokes ranging from 58mm through to 66mm. Available now from Rimini Lambretta Centre :

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