18/10/2017  Engine casing for the new Quattrini 210cc kit?

With all the news of the new Quattrini 210cc ‘small-block’ Lambretta kit doing the rounds on the web of late (check out the latest SLUK article : ) ,  the main concern seems to be with the size of the lower transfers on the actual barrel - which are larger than those present on standard small-block 125-150-1275 casings. The solutions are either buying one of the specifically machined CasaCase engine casings (which Casa Performance are finalising now), welding up your casing up (which is not easy and entails a lot of work to get done perfectly), or as a last resort, bodging your casing with liquid metal.

A cheaper and much easier alternative is this casing we currently have for sale. Originally prepared as the basis for one of our tuned SS200 plug n’ play motors (prior to the introduction of the CasaCases) this is an Innocenti casing that has been stripped, cleaned, checked, then had the base gasket face professionally welded up. Following that, all the gasket faces were skimmed to ensure gas tight sealing. This would be perfect for the new Quattrini 210 kit, or any other ‘small block’ kit you wish to fit. More info here :

12/10/2017  New Casa MegaClutch for standard type engine casings!

We have been super busy of late working to complete the pre-production batch of SSR250 & 265 Scuderia engines but that that hasn’t stopped us going into overdrive sorting out all the new parts for both CasaCase engines and standard Lambretta casings. One such item is this. It’s a plastic 3D-printed model of an all-new clutch we're about to produce. This is basically a spin-off from the Casa MegaClutch that we have manufactured for the SSR engines, but this is the version for all original type Italian, Indian or Spanish casings. With 7 plates and 10 springs, these hi-tech clutches will be available in 46, 47 and 48 tooth options with the lower toothed sprocket part being interchangeable. 

You can bet your grannies pension that it’ll take anything you can throw at it and coupled with a CasaCover sidecasing, it’ll be lighter to use than anything you’ve ever experienced. One thing is making all these go-faster goodies but above all, we have put untold hours into ensuring that they are a pleasure to use. Coming VERY soon to a Casa Performance dealer near you….

28/09/2017  Casa Lambretta Racing Team @ the Cadwell Park BSSO races 2017 (GB)

We have just returned from competing at the BSSO scooter races held at Cadwell Park. The Casa Lambretta Racing Team returned to the UK for the final race in the BSSO series and we were fielding three scooters (a SSR250 and a SSR265 Scuderia in the Open Class and a near-standard SS225 in Group 6). The scooters speed was astonishing and I think it’s fair to say that the public present were presented with an incredible race spectacle and we definitively proved that the SSR250 and SSR265 Scuderia motors simply have no competition. And to think that the engines we were racing are 101% out-of-the-box, are un-tuned and absolutely no different to those that will be going on sale shortly. If you want a slice of the action and want more info on the fastest production plug n’ play Lambretta engines ever made, contact us NOW!

The full story of the races can be read HERE! 

Photo credit : Neil Kirby @ NK Photography.

18/09/2017  The new CasaClutches are nearly ready to go on sale...

The CasaClutch units are being machined as you read this. These are a design we first used in the 305 engines but have been drastically reworked to make them bullet-proof. Each clutch has an integral cush-drive and 7 plates and they’ll EASILY take 50bhp. The cush-drive means that all the shock from variations in engine speeds caused when changing gear, slowing down, speeding up etc. all gets absorbed and gearboxes get a much easier life. Having all this built into it means the clutch is physically 1cm higher than a normal Lambretta clutch but this all fits nice n’ snug under the soon-to-be–available CasaCover sidecasings.

Although initially designed to cope with the output from the new SSR250 and SSR265 Scuderia motors, these set-up i.e. the complete monster clutch and new sidecasing can be fitted to any Lambretta motor, whether it’s a CasaCase or retrospectively to any  normal Italian, Indian or Spanish production casing. These will take any power you throw at them and with the new system we have used for the clutch operating mechanism set-up inside the sidecasing, all this goodness is also ultra, feather-light to use. 

Gearchanging has never been so easy….

02/08/2017  Mega high quality Italian made FORGED damper type front fork links for Lambretta 125cc-150cc models


This is a pair of damper type front fork links for Lambretta 125cc-150cc models. 

These are perfect to use in conjunction with the fantastic Casa Performance disc set-ups X130 or X142 (with the inside locating lug removed) - or as a simple upgrade to add front dampers to any Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, GP / DL or Serveta 125cc or 150cc model.

These new FORGED links have been especially manufactured in Italy for Casa Performance and are MADE TO INNOCENTI BLUEPRINT DESIGNS! As such they are absolutely bang on and attention has been taken to ensure EVERYTHING is correct, including the materials used and their treatment during the manufacturing process. These look, fit and work PERFECTLY. They are the later SX / GP type that utilise the loose balls.

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