TESTING 28MM DELL’ORTO CARBS ON THE SST265 TOURING SET-UP! Due to the requests we have had from customers, we are busy getting carb jetting tables for the various small sized carbs, including the Dell’Orto PHBH 28mm you see in the photo. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome and the fuel consumption of these carbs compared to the bigger ones we normally use.
26/06/2019  SUMMER OPENING HOURS 2019

Please note that we have slightly different Opening Hours in the summer and they are as follows: 

Monday to Friday: 08.30 – 13.00 and 14.00 – 17.30
Saturday: 08.30 – 13.00 (afternoons by appointment only)
Sunday: Closed!

22/06/2019  'Scuderia HF Rally Driver’ visit to Rimini Lambretta Centre

LANCIA CLUB OF ITALY VISIT RLC! We often get asked to open the shop doors for clubs and associations who want to see the world of Lambretta scooters and to see first-hand what we do at RLC, on both the restoration side of the things and all that covers the tuning branch of the company, that is of course ‘Casa Performance’.  Recently we were asked by the Loris Giorgetti, the President of the ‘Scuderia HF Rally Driver’ Lancia Club if we could open up on a Sunday for their members to visit and we were more than happy to oblige. Within the RLC team it’s not just 2 wheels that ticks our collective boxes as Micky follows the Rally scene, Marco has an Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300 Export, Lorenz has a Lancia Delta and Joe has a stupidly loud exhaust on his Abarth Fiat, if that counts?

Come the big day, the weather was roasting and it was perfect.  We laid on a good spread of food and refreshments for the Club and they seemed to really enjoy visiting a place that was definitely unique, and represents something probably completely unknown to them. As we got chatting, it wasn’t long before it turned out that several members had, or still have, Lambrettas tucked away. They were “amazed by the RLC level of restoration” and truly blown away by the Casa Performance side of things.

We’d like to publically thank them for coming to visit us, as there were some truly super cool vintage cars such as original Fulvias and Deltas parked outside, driving by some really colourful, and interesting characters!

More pics HERE!

10/05/2019  CP ONE35 KIT UPDATE!
FIRST PRE-PRODUCTION ‘CP ONE35’ KITS JUST CAST! Great news in that we have just received these pics of the first cylinders of our forthcoming ‘CP One35’ kits from the foundry. The kits will be a simple, plug ‘n’ play 135cc upgrade for any smallframe J50, Cento, J125, Starstream, Lui 50 or LUI - Vega - Cometa 75cc Lambretta, that will give 10-12bhp out-of-the-box. More info to follow ASAP. Check out all the new amazing upgrade products for your J-Range and Luna Line scooter here:
09/03/2019  RLC CLEAROUT SALE!

We are currently having a bit of a sort out and a tidy up in the RLC stores and putting loads of items on line. These range right across the board from accessories to used parts to scooters to general spares to NOS items to race parts to engines....etc. etc. There's many a bargain to be had right across the whole website but a good place to start is the Special Offers section of the site: 

See what ticks your boxes!

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