14/12/2017  New seats for fibreglass rear body sections X107!

Of late we have seen a huge increase in the sale of the fibreglass bodywork kits that market leaders Europlast produce exclusively for Casa Performance. The one-piece rear bodywork unit, with its integral seat hump (based on the parts we utilise on the Casa Lambretta Racing Team scooters) is the most requested part, albeit requires a specially-made bolt-down seat. We have now added these special seats to the ever-growing Casa Performance range of parts and they are available with black, red or blue stitching. Manufactured in Italy by RLC’s seat making geniuses Trezzi, the fitment, finish and quality are second to none. 

Priced at Euro 275.00 each, the codes are X107 with the three colour options and they can be ordered HERE!

01/12/2017  Batch 2 of the SSR250 e Scuderia SSR265 due for arrival in January 2018!

We’re now about to do the full run of Batch 2 of the SSR250 and SSR265 Scuderia barrel kits and these will be done in time for the batch of 150 x SSR CasaCase engines that will be built up at the start of next year. We are literally being flooded with orders now and it shows no sign of letting up. If you want one of the fastest production Lambretta engines in the world, contact your Casa Performance dealer or Rimini Lambretta Centre directly NOW!

28/11/2017  JUST IN! Casa Performance high quality race cranks for the Quattrini Lambretta 210cc kits!

CRANKS FOR THE QUATTRINI 210cc LAMBRETTA KITS! Rimini Lambretta Centre has just received a small batch of crankshafts that have been purpose-built especially for use with the new Quattrini 210cc smallblock Lambretta kits. These are 58mm x 116mm and are based on the race-proven X8 and X9 crankshafts already marketed by Casa Performance. These new cranks can be used in any standard type smallblock Italian, Indian or Spanish engine casing and the quality is that of the cranks used by the Casa Lambretta Racing Team.

A larger production batch will be forthcoming in the not too distant future but we cannot confirm exactly when at present, therefore the cranks that have just arrived will be sold on a first come, first served basis. More details and prices HERE!

27/11/2017  OUT NOW! New 'Casa PowerMaster Cushdrive Clutch' with 7 plates

The X33r Casa Performance PowerMaster Cushdrive clutches from Casa Performance for Lambrettas have now been released! With 7 plates, 12 springs and a massive race-proven integral cushdrive, nothing else on the market comes close. Whatever power your scooter puts out, this will breeze it. Easy. The cush-drive eliminates the ‘shock’ received by the gearbox during harsh riding or gearchanging thus making it a must-have item for scooters with tuned engines. 101% Italian made and with only top quality components used, the PowerMaster is a grond-breaking revolution for Lambretta scooters. 

More info and prices HERE!

24/11/2017  CasaCover complete engine sidecasings are now available!

They’re here! The CasaCover engine sidecasing covers are in stock NOW! They fit ALL Italian, Spanish or Indian engine casing and most new generation casings such as the CasaCases and the Gran Turismo casings. The CasaCover can be used with ANY Lambretta clutch on the market, making it feather-light at the handlebar lever and the unique, removable inspection panel gives instant access to both the chain guide and front sprocket assembly!

They are available now HERE!

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