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Show us your scooter!
Here’s the section of the site where you get the chance to show the World your ride. Lambretta or Vespa, from Mod bike to chopper, send us your pix and we’ll post them up!
So if you want to see your scooter here send us a picture at:
  • Lambretta Special - Allan Uwins, UK
  • Lambretta LI150 S2 - Andri Prasetyo, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Lambretta Lui 75cc - Alessandro Grasselli, Reggio Emilia Italy
  • Lambretta D125 - Alvaro Santos, Portugal
  • Lambretta J50 - Thomas Kunkel, Germany
  • Lambretta TV175 S2 - Mark Bradford (Scotland)
  • Lambretta SX200 - Steve Gray (UK)
  • Lambretta SX200 - David Walker (Switzerland)
  • Lambretta S3 LI125 - Stephen Walker, Macclesfield UK
  • Lambretta combo - David Brown + Richard, IOM 1973
  • Lambretta Lui 50CL - Adam Sleight, Doncaster, UK
  • Lambretta TV200 - Emilio Marin, USA
  • Lambretta D125 - Andrea Biagi, Italia
  • Lambrettino 48 - Jon Thomson UK
  • Lambretta S2 - Roger Denley UK

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