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Show us your scooter!
Here’s the section of the site where you get the chance to show the World your ride. Lambretta or Vespa, from Mod bike to chopper, send us your pix and we’ll post them up!
So if you want to see your scooter here send us a picture at:
  • Lambretta SX200 - Chris Irvin, USA
  • Lambretta LD - Francisco Javier Laje
  • Lambretta GP - Alan Keeling, UK
  • Lambretta GP150 - Graham McBear, UK
  • Lambretta J50 - Graham McBear, UK
  • Lambretta S2 - Neal W. Miller Studio City, CA USA
  • Lambretta LD - Kirk Wattis (UK)
  • Lambretta TV200 - Kevin Moyes (UK)
  • Lambretta TV175 Series 2 - John Pedrick, Chichester (UK)
  • Lambretta J125 Starstream - Daniel Setyadi, Indonesia
  • Lambrettino 48 - Carlos Prestien, Germany
  • Lambretta LI150 S1 + sidecar - Mauro Vargiu, Italy
  • Lambretta LI S3 - Richard Sloan USA
  • Lambretta SX150 - Karl Rademeyer UK

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