SX 150 Orange - Michele Landi
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Model: Lambretta SX150
Owner: Michele Landi, Italy


This was one of the bikes we acquired when we cleared the museum and it's an SX150 in the very rare 'Orange 67' colour. Long-time customer Micky Landi bought the scooter form us and asked us to do a complete conserved resto' on it. Whilst the scooter was all there and complete, it wasn't running and under the sidepanels it had seen quite a bit of humidity, resulting in a lot of surface rust. We stripped the scooter down entirely and set about replating all the hardware and curing the rust. Once done, the engine received the same treatment and was completely stripped, cleaned up and rebuilt - using as many NOS parts as possible. It was left 101% standard and this move paid off as the scooter runs a real treat. The bodywork was cleaned up and then buffed up with various cutting compounds. The paintwork came up nicely with a real deep shine to it and it only required 'blowing in' where absolutely necessary. A few of the white parts under the panels were just too rusty to leave 'as is' but we were able to locate alternative parts in original 'New White 8059' paint. We built up the scooter as per Innocenti intended right down to the last nut, bolt, washer and grease nipple. The results speak for themselves in the photos seen here. Now the scooter resides in Micky's personal collection and he is one happy bunny.

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