DL 200 Dave the Rave
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Model: Lambretta DL 200
Owner: Dave the Rave


Completely standard 200cc, 22mm Dell'Orto carb., standard exhaust, original Ducati 6 volt ignition system.


Original Yellow Ochre paintwork.


Dave spent a while searching for a decent DL200 to complete his collection of scooters and once this one was located, it was quickly snapped up. The scooter itself was not too bad condition wise, but it had been painted black with Iron Maiden stickers applied all over. We stripped and then restored the scooter to Daves' requirements and the only concession to non - originality was the addition of an Electronic style seat. Dave uses his scooters for both work and pleasure and has now clocked up untold trouble - free miles on this machine.

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