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19/02/2018  Albanioa 2018 - 3 Seas Event

ALBANIA 2018 – RLC on Tour. Want to come along on a top jolly up? Our friends from the Vespa Club of Bari have certainly come up with a non-holds barred scooter tour for this year to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their annual ‘3 Seas Tour’. We have attended several and this year’s event see’s the whole trip taking place in none other than Albania. To those that are not ‘in the know’ this might seem an odd choice but here at RLC we have toured that side of the Adriatic several times and believe us when we say that the country is breath-taking, the people are wonderful and it’s excellent value for money. Albania has an incredibly active scooter scene (albeit mainly Vespa) and they are welcoming the event with open arms.

Even the Albanian government is involved and Vespa Club head-honcho Maurizio de Pasquale has made several trips over there where high-ranking officials are pulling out all stops to ensure everyone has a superb time. The event covers a week in total and is centred around both the capitol Tirana and the stunning seaside resort of Sarande. The VC of Bari is aiming to offer entrance to the event for an all-inclusive price of approx. Euro 400 (about GBP£350) which is incredible as it not only covers everything you normally get, but also covers the ferry, green card insurance, mechanical & medical assistance, breakfast and evening meals - and you’ll be staying in two of the best hotels in Albania (they are 4 and 5 stars).

RLC will be attending with a mixed back of Scots, Brits and Italians and we will also have our own personal van tailing our group for the transportation of own bags and for mechanical assistance if needed. We already have about 30 people coming in total and the whole event is limited to no more than 300 entrants. The official on-line booking is due to open mid-March and normally sells out in less than 4 hours. For RLC customers and friends, we will sort your booking out and you can join the fun with our merry posse of reprobates, who will be riding a selection of machines from bog standard 125’s through to a whole load of SSR’s. Gonna be a riot…..

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