Lambretta SSR265 Scuderia Exp.1 - Giova Cesenatico
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Model: Lambretta SSR265 Scuderia Exp.1
Owner: Giova

Details: This Lambretta, just arrived at workshop for the Casa Performance SSR265 Scuderia Treatment, is a real piece of East Coast Italian Scooterism's history! It was tuned, back in the 70's, with the famous "Duecentino" (small 200cc) from Lambretta tuner Paganelli! This conversion used, as a base, a 200cc cylinder with skirt skimmed and stud's holes enlarged to fit into a small block crankcase... Another distinctive signs were the legshield and the panels trimmed (in the 70's...), now replaced with standard bodywork, and the black & white paintwork, the colours of Cesena! Stay tuned for more details
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