Lambretta SX225 TT - Paul Calder, Edimburgh (UK)
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Model: Lambretta SX200
Owner: Paul Calder


Under the spanners we have another stunning piece to add the incredible collection of our friend and customer Paul Calder, from the sunny Scotland! This is an Italian SX200 with a singolar story... that you know step by step in this section! The frame and some body parts already received the beloved care of Mr. Magic Marco and gonna be trasformed in an authentic jewel on two wheels! This Lambretta SX200 will be one of the unique 4 SX225 TT (Tony Tessier) on our planet! With a singolar three colours paintjob (White, Black & Red) and an 'Old School' 225cc engine. Lot of modification wil be added, like the mechanical rev counter, a legshield's toolbox, custom handmade 'Jet' badges and many many more. For those who don't know, the Scooters legend Tony Tessier worked for Arthur Francis in the 60's and did some theme variation of the S type dealer special. More news are yet to come... enjoy the first dry build pictures RLC style!

Update #1: More bodywork parts are now come back from various workshop and Marco can go further with dry building! Please note the custom TT flashes on the sidepanel....

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