Lambretta Jet200 - Paul Calder, Edinbugh (UK)
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Model: Lambretta Jet200
Owner: Paul Calder, Edinbugh (UK)


Paul bought this Jet200 as part of a collection that we advertised a while ago. It’s an NOS zero mileage Spanish scooter in a realty odd-ball colour and was sat in a storage depot in Naples for years, abandoned along with several other Servetas in various colours and engine capacities.

Due to the bad storage, there was quite a lot of surface rust in places and the condition of the zinc plated parts was also poor. We have been give the job of stripping down the scooter, which we have done, meticulously clean it up and rebuild it. It’ll probably never be used or hit the open road due to the rarity of it, but at least in Paul’s hands the condition will be perfectly maintained.

It really was quite something to strip down the motor (again to clean it up) and although there were no surprises, it’s incredible to think that this scooter, which should date from the late 70’s / early 80’s has never been used.

Update #1 - Lot of bits return from zinc plating and we start the rebuilding, after a massive job of cleaning of the bodyworks, the grommets and all the minor parts.

Update #2 - Rebuild going very fast and we already added main bodywork parts. Take alook at original "Rodaggio" sticker in Spanish...

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