Lambretta GP200 Electronic - Paul Calder, Edinbugh (UK)
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Model: Lambretta GP200 Electronic
Owner: Paul Calder, Edinbugh (UK)


Hands up who has been give a free GP200 Electronic?

This scooter was actually a gift to Paul and is in all original condition!  Quite battered…but all original. In any case, it was free so let’s not be picky. The plan is for a full-on conserved ‘rustoration’ and to preserve the originality of the scooter as much as possible.  The whole thing was been stripped down, cleaned and checked over. Once cleaned up, the paintwork was only blown in in a few places to tidy it up a little and this was done in cellulose, as per original.

The only deviation from original will be the zinced hardware and fasteners as Paul lives in (not so) sunny Scotland, a place that is not renowned for wonderful weather and burnished (blackened) parts would go rusty in no time at all, so this was an almost obligatory decision.

The 200cc Electronic engine was given the same treatment and completely  stripped, cleaned and rebuilt. It’s looking good and we’re now on with the rebuild.  More pics to follow….

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