Lambretta TV175 S1 - John Wake, London UK
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Model: Lambretta TV175 S1
Owner: John Wake, London UK


This TV175 Series 1 was bought by John as a completely restored scooter but although it was reasonably good, it wasn’t up to the mark and John wanted something absolutely concours level. Initially we partially stripped the scooter and looked at how to ‘sort it out’ but it soon became apparent that this wasn’t going to be the answer, so there was only one choice left…..

That meant a complete strip down to the bare frame and start again. John is a painter by trade and very good he is too so the choice of how to paint the parts was a complete no-brainer. Off the parts went and he sorted that side of it. The engine in the meantime was stripped and acid-.dipped. It was then sent off to Johnny Walklate to be polished up to a mirror finish. That man works his magic like no other and you can see from the pics the outcome.

Now it’s on with the rebuild….

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