Lambretta TV175 S1 - Big Bad John, Southend on Sea, GB
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Model: Lambretta TV175 S1
Owner: Big Bad John, Southend on Sea, GB


This Lambretta TV175 Series 1 is an original UK registered scooter and it doesn’t take Einstein to work out that it might have spent a lot of time in a damp place. The rot is quite something but it mostly affects the metal bodywork and luckily the frame seems to be pretty good. We’re on with the strip-down and then we’ll assess what’s kept and what goes in the bin. The owner has loads of NOS bodywork parts (and accessories) so that’s saved us from trying to search out the impossible.

Update: After the frame was been totally stripped, we had it all powder-blasted but despite using the lightest, most least aggressive material to do so, the poor condition of some of the bodywork was apparent and whilst some things have required some serious repair work, others will need replacing. All the parts have been blown over with anti-rust etch primer to protect them whilst we source the replacements where needed. 

The engine and all the ali parts were sent off to Johnny Walklate for him to work his magic on and this he did big time. The result was way better that what we expected, despite the poor condition of the parts we initially sent him. No-one does it better. Now we’re getting on with the rebuild of this.

Update #2: We now have the bodywork back and have thoroughly checked it over to make sure that the pitted areas are not rotten or there is any structural damage. The bodywork parts that we had to replace have been checked for alignment and fitment, with adjustments carried out where necessary. Now that has been completed the scooters about to go off to the painters.

Update #3: hardware & fasteners come back from zinc & chrome plating. Also the frame and the bodywork come back from the painter in a stunning Avorio 8028. Let's  the rebuild begin!

Update #4: The rebuild goes on under the wise hands of Marco, every detail of this machine is simple a piec of art. Accessories, handlebar mounting, engine finally under the frame with all of his bits in place! 

Update #5: we just sort out cable routing on the frame, fitted the handlebar and its components (such as rods, pulleys and all the switches). The fresh restored engine is finally married with the frame! Also the refurbished seat and the rear light are placed! We start to see the final result!

Update #6: The restoration of this stunning TV175 S1 is almost complete and the final result is almost there. Only the front mudguard, the horncaste and some engine details are now missing. Marco will fire up this beauty very very soon!

Update #7: more chromed bombs are now added! Legshield toolbox and the accessories are now fitted. Now we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

(Some pics lifted from John Walklate / FB)

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