Lambretta TV175 S1 - Jean-Baptiste Miralles, France
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Model: Lambretta TV175 S1
Owner: Jean-Baptiste Miralles, France


This is one of three TV175’s Series 1’s we currently have in the shop for a complete resto’. These are truly the Rolls Royce of Lambrettas and we absolutely love them! This particular scooter is owned by collector Jean Baptiste from the south of France. Whilst it’s seemingly reasonably sound from the outside, it needed a resto’ to bring it up to the level of Jeans other scooters. We’ve just started on it and the full strip-down is being carried out whereupon we’ll assess what can and can’t be reused.

Update: After the frame was been totally stripped, we had it all powder-blasted. This scooter seemed quite nice upon arrival but once blasted the horrors usually come to light - as ever - and this one was to be no exception. The panelwork has been patched up in a lot of place s and masses of filler were used to cover rippled panelling. We have completed a dry-build to ensure the parts line up okay with the correct gaps. Anti-rust etch primer was applied to protect everything. Marco is now on with the fitment of the accessories that JB wants to be on the scooter, with all the necessary drilling, filing and alignment carried out to get everything to sit correctly.  

As with all RLC’s top scooter rebuilds and restos, all the ali parts were sent off to Johnny Walklate for him to work his magic on and this he did big time. The results speak volumes of this chap’s talents.

Uniquely for a TV1 customer here at RLC, the engine will not be acid-dipped and a factory finish is called for. The motor is nigh on complete and we’re just awaiting on a few parts to complete the show. . 

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