Lambretta SSR265 Scuderia - SLUK & The Brogue Trader, UK
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Model: Lambretta SSR265 Scuderia
Owner: SLUK & The Brogue Trader, UK


Well known scooterist Chris Mac from Wales got together with Iggy @ SLUK and they have asked us to build them a show-case scooter, that will advertise both the Brogue Trader, (Chris’ company) and (SLUK). The scooter will have all the latest all-singing, all-dancing parts and must be loud, fast and mean. Basically as bad-ass as it gets on 10 inch wheels. Chris had the job of locating a frame and turned up a right turd of an Indian frame in Cornwall. The hunt was then on for all the other parts needed. One thing is being given a frame like this, another thing is supposedly having to work with parts manufactured by the same people. Therefore we insisted that ALL the other parts are of Italian origin, whether they are Casa, Innocenti or Casa Performance - and that’s what we are now working with.

The plan is a full-fat SSR265 Scuderia motor to power a scooter fitted with every conceivable Casa Performance component. This is obviously fine with us and was the direct result of a great brain-storming session that occurred when all involved got together here at RLC’s headquarters. Once we’d straightened the frame, Marco set too on the full dry build to check everything aligns the way we like it. And that’s the point where we are at present. Shortly we’ll be taking the scooter to RLC’s paintshop to have it all panel-beaten and correctly shaped up before sending the whole show to Claudio Cattaneo of ‘Lambretta Custom Garage’ in Bergamo, who’ll be applying a few of his touches to the show scooter. More news to follow.

UPDATE: The scooter is in the UK to be painted, under the watchful eye of both Iggy and Chris. However, due to ‘difference of opinion in the design’ of the paintwork, they ended up changing painters. It’s now been redesigned as per Chris’ wishes and is being worked on as you read this.  

Meanwhile over in sunny Isle of Man, Gary Seale is working on the electric start set up for the scooter. We have sent him some parts and technical designs that he’s been working on and you can see the a few here. This will be the first CasaCase engine converted to the Supertune Electric start set-up and we’re really looking forward to seeing the results, as this opens up a whole new avenue for customers. 

UPDATE: After a few more 'hiccups' with the 2nd painters, Chris got it all sorted and the scooter is now here at RLC, all painted up, so it's on with the build proper!

Update #4: this kind of work is full of trouble, such as a complicate wiring loom to suit all the innovations! The electric ignition and the idraulic/electric frame loop elevator are a nightmare to set up properly! Micky and Lorenzo also drill the tank for fitting the fuel reserve light. Also the sequential gearchanger is a true heat for our workshop heroes! 

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