Lambretta GP265 Scuderia - Stuart Lanning (UK)
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Model: Lambretta GP265 Scuderia
Owner: Stuart Lanning, WSM (UK)


Stuart and Dean have known each other for longer than not, and during a recent visit to Italy, Stuart brought over one of his Lambretta GP’s (minus the engine) to be given the full RLC treatment. Stuart was laid back in his instructions to the crew stating only “do as you please but make sure it’s right” with the only emphasis being on that the scooter is bang-on and has the best there is available. That is easy enough then and can only equate to a full-on Scuderia SSR265 motor, a Casa disc at the front to stop the show and Mupo shockers all round to make sure the ride is perfect. We have laid down a plan for the colour scheme, which will be clean and mean, in true RLC style. The scooter is now fully stripped and off to be powder blasted, while the CasaCase engine will be started on shortly. More pics to follow….

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